Help me find a new glucose meter!

Hello…It has been a really long time since I have needed a glucose meter. I have a freestyle build into my OmniPod, but am thinking of taking the “summer off” and using one of the insulin pens for a couple of months. I would like to get a new monitor, but there seems to be so many out there. What is your favorite one?

Hey Anna, I use the Reli On Meter from Walmart. It is very inexpensive but highly accurate. The strips are very reasonable too. I like that each strip is individually wrapped too.

i also like the low cost of shipping from them when I am on line with them. 1 Buck. I cant drive to and from Walmart for a buck.

Thanks, Pauly! I will look into it. Appreciate your comment!

Why not use the freestyle flash that came with the omnipod? It is still the smallest sample size, and my CDE told me was more accurate than the one touch. What do you not like about the freestyle flash?

We use the Freestyle Lite Meter for our 2 year old and the AccuCheck MultiClix lancing device because it holds six needles at a time and it has the least painful lancets. We have been using these for a year and love both. Freestyle Lite is $20 at any drug store and take a very small amount of blood. Good luck!

I plan on taking the summer off and return to injections to take a break, and wanted a smaller meter to carry, instead of the one built into my omnipod. I love the meter, but was looking for a traditional one to carry.