Help: Securing the PDM from kids


We send the PDM with my daughter (6 years old) to school so the nurse can provide boluses for lunch. Yesterday and today, my daughter decided to pull it out on the bus and manage to give herself a bolus without even eating a snack causing her to go low right after she got home.

Now the school has requested he fill a form signed by our doctor to allow our daughter to carry her medicine. They are looking to protect themselves and I understand.

Any ideas on how to brut force secure the PDM? I appreciate your suggestions.

hey! Im not sure if this helps you out but The other day I bought a little camera case from target for like 5 bucks, It attaches to your belt and it holds my pdm, test strips, and lancet gun. And it zips up so if your playing around nothing falls out =]. Its not to big and I find it simple to carry around, Im 18 years old so im not trying to stick out with it. and I wear it everyday and not one person has ask me about it =].

The only down fall is that its a softcase.

Under setup there is a setting for PDM lock. If the nurse locked the unit after delivering a bolus, it might prevent your daughter from being able to give herself one. I’m not sure exactly how the lock works, and I’d speak with someone from Insulet about it, but it might be an answer for you.

Thank you for yoru replies. We read about the lock on the PDM. One has to navigate the menus maybe three level down to set it up. To unlock it, you will have to follow the same path to “PDM Options”. This may be a viable solution until she learns how to better navigate the PDM.

I was windering if there is a small bag that you can place the PDM in and lock it. I am thinking of soemthing like the numeric/digital locks. The bag has to be small enough to fit into her backpack.

Again, I appreciate your thoughts.

You could get a bag with two zippers that meet and put a small padlock on it. A key for you and one for the nurse.

Good luck