Omnipod password protected?

hi all, does the omnipod have a password protect on it so that ppl can't get in and mess with all your settings? I know it has a lock to lock the keys so it does not accidentally get pressed but what about passwords?

also be lucky you americans have the new pod. here in Canada we see all the new brochures etc... but has not yet come to Canada from what I have been told.



well, there is no password option, but if you "lock" the pdm, it does prevent you from doing ANYTHING other than viewing status or going back through a deep menu system to "un-lock" it again. Takes a bit of time to do that so it would discourage most folks from performing such a "prank".

Yes it probably would thanks for the reply jplynch9

Cheer up. We Americans are behind the Europeans who have had it for over a year. That's OK, though. I would rather have someone else "work out the bugs" before I use the system anyway. From what I hear about the confirm screens, I am not sure that I want the new Pod anyway. Maybe I should be content with the status quo.

it's ok Sarah, we canadians will have the new system soon enough.

Yes the confirm screen is driving me bonkers! I am so used to inserting the test strip and putting a drop of blood on it, and now I have wasted several strips by not first confirming that I am indeed Sue.

Yup I heard it will be available to us Canadians beginning of 2014. I can wait. LOL. been having huge administration issues starting on the pump, I have the pump and was supposed to be a pumper this week. sigh, hopfully before the mid of August. crossing fingers.