Vote for Live Videochats on TuDiabetes!

Diabetes Hands Foundation is competing in the "Use Technology for GOOD" challenge on GOOD maker, and we need your vote! With the grant money awarded to the top 10 competitors we will fund our live videochat program, so that we can do things like rent kitchen space to have professional chefs provide live cooking demos on TuDiabetes, rent filming equipment so we can stream live events, such as World Diabetes Day celebrations around the world, and more.

To vote for Diabetes Hands Foundation visit our project page at and click “Vote for this Idea”! Please use either Firefox or Chrome browsers.

If you need to register, please remember to validate your email address (you’ll receive instructions after you vote) so your vote gets counted. You’ll see a notification at the top of the screen once your vote has been successfully counted.

Remember, everyone can only vote once, so be sure to also let your friends know and spread the word!

Thank you for your vote!

Ooooooh cooking classes I'm in! But can you not do them during work hours please?!
Going to vote now!

I just voted, love the idea of cooking classes.

hey I just checked, and we're #14 out of 62
we can do this! get out there and vote

VOTED - Can I vote everyday?

not sure, but surely we can rally the troops.

There done finally! LOL!

now we're #16 of 62

You can only vote once.

now we're #11 of 62 :)

I just checked and now we're #7 out of 62

This gal and technology ???!! I am stuck verifying my vote ;above link received in our inbox ; I copied and pasted . Away from our computer for hours : to 2 fund raisers next : local SPCA( at a Pub ) and local Rotary Club ( at a winery ) :)

I do not have a zip code. Does that mean that my vote isn't useful? What password? Hopefully, just one that we make up for the vote.

We need more votes!!

yes we need more votes! we're #8 out of 62, I just checked

Hey Guys!!!! GO AND VOTE FOR US!!!!

We are in 9th place! We need everyone's vote to help us win the $2,500!

I voted also; hope we get those live Videochats!

Done. Get out the vote!