Still seeking more people for Big Blue Test (World Diabetes Day) video

PLEASE RESPOND BEFORE Monday, Oct. 4 at 9 am PST

Diabetes Hands Foundation, DiabetesDaily, Diabetes, Diabetes by Design and music documentary filmmaker Sean Ross, in conjunction with World Diabetes Day are seeking actors and everyday folks affected by diabetes for a viral video for World Diabetes Day in connection with the Big Blue Test project.

The video is sponsored by Roche Diagnostics and will begin shooting October 8th, 9th, 10th in Los Angeles, CA. Taking an innovative approach to ensuring the video's viral success, the number of youtube views generated directly correlates into a large charitable donation: up to $75K raised for 2 organizations working with children with diabetes in developing countries.

Cast from communities of people affected by diabetes, the commercial shooting script involves a series of vignettes on people participating in variety of physically activities (there is also a strong possibility a rock-start celebrity will be participating). Shooting will begin on the weekend of October 8-9-10, with pickups the following weekend. The cast already includes a number people affected by diabetes and we are looking for cast members who either have Type 1 or 2 Diabetes, or have a direct relative with Diabetes.

Speaking parts: None

Un-paid, but your participation serves a charitable/cause organization.

We are seeking people:

- All ages

- All ethnicities

- All body types

- Can move with exaggerated and joyful enthusiasm

- Have diabetes or are connected to someone with the disease.

Young Girl & Boy

Age: 7 - 17

Helpful Attributes 1: For one of the characters, we need someone that can

dribble a basketball or soccer ball.

Helpful Attributes 2: Can be part of a playful & flirty couple

Young Man or Woman

Age: 18 - 35

Middle Aged Man or Woman

Age: 36-59

Helpful Attributes: A man with a good belly that's comfortable running


Senior Man or Woman

Appear Age: 70 +


- You are going to be in Southern California October 8-9-10, 15-16-17

- No previous acting experience needed, but participants need to comfortable performing physical activity in front of the camera.


Email: video AT

Be sure to include:

- Contact Name & Phone Number

- A full body photo shot

- Link to a video (new or existing) that shows you as outgoing and

comfortable in front of a video camera. It does not need to be high quality. A reasonable quality camera phone video works.

PLEASE RESPOND BEFORE Monday, Oct. 4 at 9 am PST

Hello can we send it directly from our email?

Yeah - I was wondering the same thing as Tikisiacat - good question!!!

By all means. Please email ASAP, as long as you can meet the availability and other criteria listed above. :slight_smile:

Snap! I didn’t see the 9am pst deadline but did send it it about 12pm. Hope Nikki get’s looked at because she is a great athlete and advocate to any child recently diagnosed with diabetes I . She was invited to rep. the USA soccer team to Switzerland by Medtronics and she participated in a cool video they were filming there at the Junior Cup! Gracias Manny!

I don’t have a video of myself. I am 55 will gladly take my shirt off. Oh yes I have been a diabetic for 53 years.