Illustration project!

i am taking a studio illustration class at my university. I decided to illustrate the way diabetes makes me feel at times,

sounds kinda cool. what do Your pics look like?
curious.mine would probably be an ocean of tumultuous waves in very dark and clashing colors. the water rushes in to the shore line, then grumbles bk out to the sea.
just an idea.

i posted the photo on my home page but im not sure if it showed up! not too computer savvy lol

If doughnuts looked like that I doubt I would even want to eat one.
It is a good way to portray the feeling !

I feel a little differently though. I feel tied and bound by needles and pumps and glucose testers,

I bet if you tried you could get one of the diabetes newsletters or mags to publish that.
It is just the kind of thing that could make a good cover shot.

Here it is:

Love it!!!!

really cool! id wear that on a t-shirt!

That is just how it feels sometimes. Well done.