Help with adding pictures

Want to add a picture from my computer to a comment, but when I do, what is added is the link text not the picture. Sorry, new at this, please help.


Once you hit save on the pic, then the picture will actually show, not the text link. It looks weird, but it does work!

Thanks Kelly, it worked. I thought it would print that gobbly-guk if I clicked “add reply”. The pic filled the whole text block left to right so I have to figure that one out! Thanks for answering the “Please…”, be well. :slight_smile:

If you want to specify the size you must re-size a copy of the picture before you upload.If you save in the jpeg format you can add some compression and reduce the file size. Be careful about adding too much compression as the quality may suffer. I use PhotoShop Elements, a consumer versions of PhotoShop.

Thanks, I took it straight off the camera b/c I don’t want to start filling up my Picasa photo program with cgm pictures, can I tell the camera to compress it? :slight_smile:

Depends on the camera, most shoot at different resolutions and some allow for different levels of quality.

Personally I prefer to shoot at the highest resolution possible. All editing and compression is throwing away information, so I always want an original untouched, once information is discarded you can’t get it back. This results as multiple copies which as you say fills up your hard drive. I have found that if you shoot a hundred pictures a few will be great even if you don’t know what you are doing. So I always want max resolution and minimum compression is case I want to blow a picture up.

One solution would be to store your compressed, resized copies on a thumb drive because often you only use them once. This would keep Picasa from becoming cluttered

Carman asked the resizing question in the Flatliners Group & Onesaint told her how to do it. It was on the comment wall – here is the link to that page.

Thanks for the tip Kelly, I never noticed that feature of add image. Quick and easy.

It was Onesaint that knew how to do it - I never would have known!