Computer assist? please?


Hi All,
I’m wanting to enjoy some of our tudiabetes families pics as desktop backgrounds. ( wonderful scenery!)
I need help learning to take a pick and make it “fit” my computer resolution. (which is 800x600)
My problem is once downloaded I get a pic that is beautiful til I try to “stretch” to fit my desktop.
If you wouldnt mind some real 1step 2 step type instructions:)
I would greatly appreciate it.


800x600, i haven’t seen/used that for years, lol.

Well first off, if you’re using a smaller image, the photo you’ll try to create will be blurry if you do decide to stretch it to 800x600. You can use paint (ick), but I found this for you

Image Analyzer, which is a free image editing program that should do the basic resizing job for you.

After downloading the program, install it and run it.
Go to Image Analyzer and open the file.

Then go to
Image, on the top navigation, and Resize.
Where it says “maintain aspect ratio”… that basically means if you want the image to maintain it’s original size, but just stretch… if you check this option, you will not be able to make an image thats 800x600, unless the size can equally be divided by 800x600 (ex. 400x300).

Anyway unclick that and put 800 for width, and 600 for height. You should be all set. Go to File > Save.

If you still don’t understand that, or want to use a different program just tell me and I’ll help you :slight_smile:


Tee? It didnt work. :frowning: But it does look neat:) LOL! It made the pic look like a recognizable abstract of the mountain scenery that I wanted.
I still would like to figure out how to make it look like a normal picture.
To not clutter up our board here… would you mind messaging me?



Hi MeadowLark,

I would try and resize them for you if your having problems if you let me know which ones. The issue it sounds like is that your graphics card might support what your are trying to do, how old is your laptop/pc ? if you dont mind me asking - if you want try it again yourself try photoshop its resizes in the same way as Tee describes but also renders the photo so you dont loose anything. Not sure I helped here but would have a go myself for you. Regards