Dexcom sensor failure during warmup

Hi all! I have been using the Dexcom G6 for a few weeks, and did my third sensor insertion this morning. Unfortunately, it failed about a half hour into the warmup and needed replaced. I had put this particular sensor on the back of my arm. I want to call Dexcom to see if they’ll send a replacement. The question is, if they ask where I inserted it, do I admit it was my arm, or do I pretend I used my abdomen, since that’s the only approved site? Or will they even ask?

Thanks in advance!

They might ask where it was placed, but they will replace it. I have never had a Dexcom call where they refused to replace a sensor.

I use the back of my arm all the time. I did get my doctor to ‘authorize’ using it in other locations than the abdomen because it does require insertion into an area with sufficient fat to have good interstitial connection and I am very lean in the abdomen and could get no readings at all there! Whenever I have had problems with a sensor or a transmitter or the appearance of a problem (bad receiver, actually!) they replaced the items without any problems. I think they only asked the one time about location and that was when I first started and was using the abdomen area and they were the ones who identified the reason why I couldn’t even get any readings. You can also ask your endo to authorize use of the CGM in other locations if you have concerns about them getting difficult. Definitely request a new sensor though - it should not fail that quickly regardless of where it is inserted.

It’s been a couple years since I called with similar situation, but they did ask where it was inserted. I said arm. They asked if that was recommended (or approved) by doctor. I said yes. They sent me replacement.

I know my doctor “knows” I use sites other than arms, every time, since I put my pump sites there. He never objected, so good enough for me to call that approval.

I think it’s good for dexcom to know actual location, but as mentioned, they will replace it anyway.

Thanks everyone! I fessed up to using it on my arm (they did ask if it was a doctor approved site, I said yes) and they are sending a replacement!