I'm really frustrated with my sets and novolog!

First off, Novolog is a real pain for me. Literally. It burns every bolus with nearly every site. I’ve already got my pump set on the slowest delivery rate, so I cannot do anymore about that. I’m not sure if this is a problem with the sets or with the insulin itself and my body’s reaction to it.

It has hurt with almost all sets, and with shots. Which makes me think that maybe my body is just super sensitive to it. Also with Lantus as well.

Secondly, I haven’t been able to find the right angle for the Inset 30’s. I think I finally got it for the most part with the stomach sites, other than the insulin burning slightly.

But when I put it in my leg a couple nights ago the tape stuck too soon before the cannula was even in all the way and it hurt like crap through the insertion. And has been extremely painful ever since.

The tape sticking early has been a concern for me since starting to use these, how do the rest of you insert the 30’s?

Does anyone else have this problem with novolog and did you fix it with another insulin??

I haven’t tried Apidra yet, I’d like to, though, I’ll talk to my doctor about that at our next meeting. I don’t recall having this problem with Humalog, but I’m not sure if my insurance company will cover that anymore, since I had to switch from the one to the other.

Anyways. I’m a little frustrated with this and any ideas, suggestions or whatever would be great!!! Thanks!!!

Hi Bethany.I was using the inset 30 and having a heck of a time getting under the skin.If you don’t get them at the right angle they just skim over the skin.I just don’t have enough body fat.My diabetes educator gave me a couple of the inset II’s.They go in straight,90 degrees.With the angled ones I find the insulin burned,but so far I have used 3 of the inset II’s and the insulin hasn’t burned.I also use Humolog.I find that they are also smaller.They take up less surface on the skin.I really like them.Maybe you can give them a try.