ok. I was diagnosed around 6 years ago. I started out taking my BS fasting in the mornings and it was always very good. Under 100 or no more than 110. It stayed that way til I stopped checking it cause I thought to my stupid self, I'm doing very good, I don't need to test everyday. Then it went to testing maybe once a month. When I drank some Red Wine, or ate Fast food out, I didn't want to know if they were up. I wanted and did eat whatever I wanted for 3 years. Now..............I decided last week to take my BS after I had drank about 5 oz. rum with Sugar free koolaid, Eating 1/2 of a large THIN CRUST pizza ( gotta cut back somewhere u know) I took it fasting the next morning. It was 160!!!!! Well That scared me. So now I am taking this decease seriously. The last few days I have read all I can and joined this Tu diabetese( which is a God Sent!) I need so much help my friends. My stats are still high no matter what I do. I haven't had a drink thats for sure. I'm off alcohol! I am counting my carbs, NO sugar, eating lots of veggies, Nuts for snacking (1oz) I had only 1 peice of wheat toast for breakfast, 1 egg, 1 sausage patty ( I know, too fatty) decaf coffee w/ 1 T. 1/2n1/2, and 1 strawberry. before breakfast, fasting 132.... 2 hrs later 151.....3 hrs later-108.

For a snack I had 1 oz mixed nuts, 3 peices vinegar okra, 1oz cheese........Lunch, Collard greens and hot sauce..........Snack, 1 oz mixed nuts........Dinner, Salad 2 T lite dressing on the side w/ 3.5 oz. chicken breast. Snack before bed...2 celery sticks with lite Laughing Cow cheese. Now tell me why is my BS fasting this morning 145! It was 126 last night before I went to bed. I am so confused. I never went to a class. I am trying to find a support group here in NW Arkansas. I won't get offened by any advice. I'm 55 and need to get this under control. Just talk to me in Laymans terms.....lolol Thanks, Emily

Ty Tom…My doctor just rose my Metformin to 1000mg. twice a day. I just don’t want to go to shots…and yes, I will try and stay calm…ty again

Do you exercise? At first my son’s docs weren’t sure if he was a type 1 or 2 and he was on Met. and Insulin and daily exercise. The exercise really did lower him and for about 24 hrs! Even just 20 min might make the diff. for you not to need to go on insulin. Good luck.

yes Katsz, I do exercise at least 3 times a week more like 4 for 30 min- 1 hr. I have a home gym and a Wii, with several exercise Wii programs. along with Wii Fit and Fit Plus. I also have two dogs who (in the summertime I walk)
I know I need to exercise everyday though. Thats something I will start working on. Thanks for your advice, Emily

Tom is right…it might be dawn phenomenon. During my blood works last January…my A1C was 6.1 but my fasting BS is 6.8! She said it maybe due to dawn phenomenon. My doctor moved my medication (metformin 500 mg) from morning to noon time. She also recommended cutting more carbs at dinner and eating a light snack before going to bed. She also recommended a 15 minute exercise early evening to which I usually just walk. So far…Im waking up now to a FBS of 95 to 110.

I also want to say that it sometimes takes a little while for the body to get rid of the excess glucose. It took me about 3 weeks to get down from a fasting 235 mg/dL to a fasting 85 mg/dL. Now, I never drop below 100 mg/dL if I don’t eat a piece of cheese, or have 5 ounces of wine, at bed time (and only to the mid 90s or so). I have yet to try the vinegar capsule trick. I can’t eat any type of pizza, unless i make my own low carb version, as the fat slows down the metabolism so much, it makes me high for a long time. I’ve hit 200 with just 2 small slices. I bet you were pretty high, too, for the rest of evening, and woke up still slightly high in the AM, on top of the dawn phenomenon. Try having protein, such as a piece of cheese (which is around 100 calories) right before bed, and then see what you test like in the morning… These are the kinds of tricks that work, as there is so far, no cure for dawn phenomenon. Some people take 2 tablespoons of vinegar, or 1 capsule of vinegar, before bedtime, as well.

Gosh, it really sounds like you are doing a good job now with your diet. I bet your readings are much better now. My readings run between 110 and 125 usually at the mornings and night. I wish I could loose more weight, when I first started on the oral meds, I lost 20 lbs in a few weeks, I have kept that off but I can’t seem to loose anymore. I have started excerising more so better than will help.

I will try…Thank u so much

ty so much! I will take this advice to heart. I need all the help I can get!

Just be aware that when we exercise, the body starts building muscle for a while, and may even gain weight… because muscle weighs more than fat… I got stuck for about 3 weeks on this, before I started losing again, so don’t lose heart. :slight_smile:

Yes Judy, My stats use to be that good…until I went WHACKO! I know what I was doing wrong. I was just being an idiot for about 3 years, not taking this big D seriously. I am awake now. And I LOVE having support from other going though this. I am so blessed to find this site!

Yes I have exercised for years. I know all about that, but Thank u so much for the advice! Have a wonderful day. I was depressed this morning, but thanks to all of u, I feel so much better!

Good for you. Recognizing and caring about your diabetes is an important step. It sounds like you have made some important steps already. You should start to see an improvement pretty quickly with restricting your carbs. Some good things to do will be to monitor your blood sugar regularly, start to schedule quarterly doctors visits getting HbA1c’s each time, visit a diabetes education center and do some reading. The website run by Jenny at has great information. You should be able to find a local diabetes center and see if they have some classes, perhaps in Fayetteville at Washington Regional Medical Center. I did look quickly for a support group, there is one that meets the first thursday of every month (that is day after tomorrow) from noon to 1 at the Washington Regional Wound Center, call 479-463-4333. There may well be others around

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