Here are my pluses!

I have had to fill out many medical forms this past month, and list all of the maladies that I have; High BP, diabetes, chronic severe depression, BPD,
PTSD, severe arthritis etc. I won’t bore you with the list, but it’s a lot.

Okay, so then I am surfing around looking for food recommendations and supplements to help with all of these, and my findings were depressing.

For arthritis, foods like almonds, oranges, WG breads, pasta, are all good, foods like oranges, WG breads, pastas, are not good for a low carb diet.
Because I am losing about 50 more lbs, these things can or aren’t good for me.

So what’s up? Then I look in the supplements areas, and ask the pharmacist, and I get well, this for arthritis, this for weight loss, this for HBP; this for the diabetes and since you are over 50 this is good, When my cart was full, I don’t think I had but maybe 20 of the bottles left on the shelf. It was hysterical!!!

So what’s a person to do? I’ve asked my CNP this before, dietican this before, what do I concentrate on…being anal about many things…diet, weight, diabetes, arthritis, BP, what’s the priority…they all give me a different answer. So now I ask you…what’s a person to do…what would you concentrate on to get the healthiest outcome possible?


It is sort of my experience that you have to wing it through. By that I mean there really is not a good absolute path. I am a big believer of weight watchers, I have lost about 60 lbs using it for me it worked great. i suggest you might give it a whirl. Now it is not a panacea but yes it does work. portion control more than what to east is important. Remember you cannot just say take this or that out. Lets face it, your biggest obstacle, like mine, to weight loss is finding something you can stick with. If someone told me today i could never ever have this or that food ever again, I would never stay on the diet. With Weight watchers you can eat everything (within reason) but every time you do, you have to give something else up.

if you do plan WW and you are a type 1, I am, you need ot get your doctors permission to start.

rick phillips

Try to concentrate on LIVING! Eat good nutritious food. Drink plenty of fluids. Get lots of exercise - all that age-old advice still applies even with the multiple ‘challenges’. You’re probably on prescription meds for most of those conditions and lets hope they are doing their ‘job’. So other than watching what clashes with your meds, you should still be able to concentrate on simple wholesome (low fat) foods. Strangely, when you eat and sleep well, you tend to feel better and when you feel better, you tend to do (exercise) more and one thing leads to another and … voila! a healthier you! Of course, this types out waaay easier than it is to accomplish and you’re reading the words of one who doesn’t always follow her own advice, but nevertheless, it stands. Healthy habits tend to yield healthier people. Also I find when I load up on a bunch of supplements, I end up with very dark, very expensive pee!

Avoiding some things may help as well.

Cutting down on salt helps high blood pressure for many people. If you do this, look for some potassium chloride based salt substitutes. Check if you can taste the difference between any with calcium glutamate added (such as McCormick, Schilling, and Kroger) and the others without.

For type 2 diabetes, limiting ALL of the easily digestible carbohydrates (sugar, and many types of starchy foods) usually helps more than the no sugar low fat diet many doctors are still recommending, both for the diabetes and for losing weight, and also for controlling cholesterol and your appetite. Often takes about 3 months to control your appetite very well, though.

A fruit called bitter melon helps diabetes somewhat, if it's available in your area.

High fructose diets have been show to often cause diabetes in mice. There is still such a wide rage of "expert opinions" on whether this is also true for humans that it's a good idea to avoid trusting any of them.

When deciding what supplements to buy, avoid taking advice from anyone who gets part of the profits when you buy them. Too many of them are more interested in getting more money than giving accurate advice.

Expect this web site to be one of the more helpful places for starting out:

Generally a low carb diet is good for diabetes. It is also good for what ails you. If your diabetes is not in controll, everything else gets much worse very quickly. I have found after 40 years of diabetes and 30 years of martial arts training, that exorcize is my number one way to health. The more the merrier. Diet is all and good, but it does not help much if you are not moving your body. Anything will do that you like to do and is easy for you to incorporate in your life. Whatever ails you movement will help. Even if you are wheelchair bound. I trained a guy once that after six months, he realized that he was protected by a cage, and I could not touch him.

FROM CATHY: I’ve learned that my swimming is the best upper I can take. It relaxes me, helps me to think clearer and also takes away some of the depression. The problem lately has been the changes of seasons, from winter, when no one comes through Aberdeen, and now summer and tourists are on their way to the western side of the state, and are staying at the motel that allows us to swim there. Times get cut6 very short when 15 kids come in with their paying guest parents to the pool area. The other problem was the gout I wasn’t very steady on my feet and sure didn’t want to slip and break or hurt anything else…so no swimming. But I am much better now, and swimming will happen starting Monday. My diet has improved, simply because I went back and looked at 10 years ago, "how did I handle the weight and the diabetes? I kept food and emotion journals…there I’m back to that again…yipee. But I have a large box of recipes, which we are both loving to do…together, and collecting many more. This is not going to be a healthy thing, if I don’t make it happen. Sometimes it’s okay to feel depressed, but how long that lasts and what good comes of it is highly important. Thanks for all your ideas and help.