Hey sweetie

This nosy baby otter wants to know, "Hey sweetie, what's your BG right now?"

I'll start: 155 mg/dl (8.6 mmol)

Time to correct with my bolus/snack.

Funny you should ask. I have a choice: 137, 115 or 101 from my meter, or 99 from my Dexcom. Second time today I've had a huge range to choose from. This stinks. Otter is cute ;)

Sometimes I'm glad to have just the one meter. Ignorance is (occasionally) bliss?

Aaaawww, how cute! What a precious little face. Why is a baby concerning herself with BG? Isn't she more worried about where her next oyster is:)

Those readings were all from the same meter LOL

If you look closely, you will see traces of her last nibble of fish. She is very nosy, however, and there are not enough fish in the sea to cure her of it. ;)

Currently at 12.0 mmol/L (216 mg/dl). Just did a scheduled site change and a correction and am waiting a bit so I can have a snack. :(

129. That is from the Ping meter. Does anyone know what the reading should be with calibration fluid?

I want some ice cream.

Fair enough. 91, but that doesn't mean anything because I have gastroparesis. Dinner 5 hours ago hasn't hit yet.

Make it a fishsicle and baby-face otter will help you eat it.

Uh-oh. There she blows!

Yep, exactly! Going, going--oops, not yet.

(...shakes fist...) Darn you lazy vagus nerve!

LOL! When the pancreas decided to take a vacation, the vagus nerve followed along for the fun of it.

I hope you were able to get it down to a nice level. Having to postpone snacks for wayward insulin is among my least-favorite things.

Well, I'm off to pretend that I can sleep. Sometimes I even fool myself into catching a few winks!

72 on CGM, too out of it w/ DST to bother with the meter until the coffee is ready...*yawn*

After being stuck there for over three hours I finally went to bed. Woke up to test at 3:30 AM and found I'd dropped from 14.8 to 4.7 (266 to 85 mg/gld) in two hours! Ate a little 7g snack with no bolus and went back to bed. Woke up at 6:00 AM and found I was at 3.0 (54 mg/dl). So I am finally down (a bit too far!) and here's hoping today evens out a bit.

Morning, sunshine.

??? diabetic savings time ??? I think...not.