Hey! Where are you?


LOL! I’m your friend and I know I’ve been slack. I’m sorry.
Where are you? You havent started a discussion yet.
Is there anything that you would like to address in your effort to a new you?
I’ve been the kitten tied onto the end of the rope this week.
That doesnt mean that I’m not thinking of you and hoping that you are succeeding in your efforts.
Tell us your ups and downs.
What gives you hope that things are going your way:)
Let’s lift each other up!
Sending you all a ((((HUG)))))


Hey MedowLark,

I know I won’t do any good today! It’s my oldest daughters birthday!!! Gotta go cook the cake now! I love to eat the cake batter out of the bowl and lick the icing off the knife!!! She is 19 now!



Congrads on the birthday!:slight_smile:
LOL! Go easy on that stuff… it aint that great. :smiley:
Enjoy your day:)


Hi there! I’m still having computer problems, but have figured a way around it… I write my note on wordpad and then copy & paste it…
I’ve had a really bad ear infection so not felt like being online much. Not been eating too much either, but even still have GAINED 2 lbs! That gets so aggravating! I had the liver catscan on Tuesday which showed the liver to be okay but have an enlarged lymph node in my stomach caused from infection… It’s always something! I couldn’t take my metforim for 2 days after the catscan coz of the dye, so my sugars have been a little high this week… better today, though.
About all that’s going on around here is the HEAT! temps are 104 and heat indexes about 120… not pleasant to be outside…
hope everyone else is doing okay this week! Just gotta keep on trying day after day!