It's Mid - Week!


How are you all doing? sigh… I’m going thru an up down week and dont think I’m doing more than fluctuating on the scale. ( I refuse to step on them til Monday!) My numbers are starting to come down with the change in my diet to eating lots more veggies and making sure I eat the leanest meat.:slight_smile: Lots of stress this week.


I’ve been having computer problems! Been trying to make a post for the past three days and my interent explorer keeps shutting down… This morning I downloaded an update on Microsoft XP so maybe that will solve the proble. I hope!
I’m going to try to post this and see…


I posted once and then my “real” post shut down again… If this goes through, is anyone else having problems like this??? I’m deleting tons of viruses, too, and I only go to diabetes sites and email…
just wondering what I should do next…


Hi Connie:)
I’m not sure what the next step is… Maybe slide over to the “geek” group and ask them?
I’m not really good at doing the "clean the computer stuff"
Do you have “protection” on our computer? umm this website has been useful for me They can probably help you too.