Hey Everybody! wanna race? I need to lose some weight

I need to put some umph into my life.
If you would like to join me… my goal for the next 30 days is to lose 3 pounds and successfully keep it off.
I thought if I did it in little spurts and tried to add some fun it might be less frustrating. :smiley:
So, Let’s get our pants lose!

Hi MedowLark,
If I raced you you are gaernteed to wim! I’m really not good at that! I will try to lose 3 pounds and keep it of f if you do, but please can I do it in my own way without a race? HA!

Definitely! Anyway you like. We’ll be buddies and encourage every ounce of the way:)
I chose a small yogurt for breakfast and took one kiddo to the dentist this morning. While he was there we went two blocks down and ran around the park:)
For lunch a I chowed on Egg Drop Soup and a granny apple.
The kids are getting Math,Reading,Spelling done and then we’re going to visit afriend that has 2 to 6 months with us. ( We’ll walk/run Me more walk:D to go and come back.)
I’m glad you’re going to join me!

I honestly think my Dr would love it. I can tell that I’ve gained some weight in the past month. I guess I sat on my butt to long because of the hot weather! HA! I don’t keep scales in my house because both my youngest and I did the balimic thing so now I learned not to have them here and nobody cheaks tgeir weight.

That’s ok. If you want; you can measure a 1/4 inch off your waist in 30 days? i just wanna try “something” to get my body moving more:)

Yippee!!! I just got an 87 on my bloodsugar number!!!
Dancin time!!!
Now to keep going.
hmmm supper tonight? Blackbean Burger, some stir fry veggies in a balsimic dressing, a salad and some fruit!
Meadow on a roll!!! Now to keep this going for 30 days! that’s the trick.

Way to go! I really can’t go that low cause if I do I will fall down really FAST! I have to seddle for anyrthing above 100. As for dinner tonight anything but Mickey D’s will work for me! Your supper sounds great. Can I come to your house and eat? HA!

we can do a group weight loss. We decide as a group to loose 50 lbs collectively.

Hey Chuck:) that sounds cool!
How do we set up a group? I’m a newbie here to:)
MeadowLark by the way it’s 9 pm and I’m sitting at 120! Never been like this before bed:) Awesome!

The group is set up:

GO! :slight_smile: