Hi Everyone

I thought I would introduce myself my name is Angela.

I was diagnosed with Diabetes on November 20, 2008. I found this site from One Touch. I was diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) and Fibromyalgia in 2004. I have been learning to live life in a different way then I used to because I cannot do some of the things I used to do.

I don’t walk well and I am in a Wheel chair most of the time. I walk when I can and I try to keep myself moving with stretches I am not able to do a lot of physical exercise. I have found out that I can live a good life just in a different way then I used to.

I used to dance Ballet and Jazz from childhood until my mid 20s. I worked for over 20 years as a waitress and always kept busy. In 2003 I woke up and could not get out of bed and a year later I found out I had Lupus and FMS.

Two years later in 2006 I was accepted on SSD. It was a long wait 2 ½ years. Once they accepted me on SSD life got a lot easier because I got insurance. I go to doctors often every 2 months I get tired of it but I am very grateful that I am able to go and have the insurance to help me get the medical care that I need.

I am looking forward to meeting others who live with Diabetes. I hope to learn more about this disease and how to manage Blood Sugars.

Thank you Angela

Hi Angela, Welcome to the site. You have come to an incredible place!!

Hi, Angela. You will meet many kind, smart, and caring people here. Ask any question, voice any concern, and you will find many in the community to help.