Hi everyone

Hello everyone,

I recently joined the community and wanted to say hi. I was diagnosed pre-diabetes about a year ago (A1C 6.4) and have been managing to keep my A1C to 5.9-6.0 with diet and exercise. I recently started glucose testing (I proposed this to my doc) to get a better understand of how different foods affect by bg. Glad I found this community as I don’t really have much support in this.


Your instinct to monitor your blood glucose, especially in response to food, can give you invaluable insights into your glucose metabolism. Doctors often must deal with disinterested patients when they suggest lifestyle changes. You are the less common patient who wants to learn how to live well with diabetes. I can see how doctors get discouraged trying to help us!

I’ve been dealing with type 1 diabetes for 34 years and am still in the process of learning things. The benefits of what I’ve learned have given me more years with a better quality of life than if I just ignored my health reality. Interacting with my peers online is one of the best things I’ve discovered. I’ve found that many online are smarter, more curious, and more technically adept than me. And they’re willing to help and share.

Congrats on driving your A1c down while only using diet and exercise. Welcome to TuD!

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Glad to have you, Norris.

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Welcome to the community dude. LOL!