Hi guys

Hello there everyone. I guess I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Brad, I’m a 22 year old undergrad student at UBC here in Vancouver. (That sounded like the kind of introduction students give on College Week on Wheel of Fortune, didn’t it?)

What else? I’ve known about my diabetes for about a month now. The doctors think I’m a Type 1, but I supposedly have characteristics of a Type 2. I’ve been told that my pancreas is still producing a bit of insulin, but eventually it will shut down completely. I’m on Metformin right now, which bothers me a bit because it’s a pill that works on insulin resistance, which I don’t have, but apparently it’s stlil helping me to keep my sugars low. I’m already experiencing a kind of apathy about this whole thing. Chocolate is my weakness, and as Christmas approaches I increasingly want to stuff my face with After Eight mints and boxes of Ferrero Rochers. I haven’t been testing as much as I should be and sometimes I don’t feel like taking my pills. I want to be healthy, but this is all pretty frustrating for me right now. I’m hoping to use this site to gather support and information about my condition. I’d also like to make some friends, meet people who share the pain of having to spend grocery money on test strips and lancets.

I like to read and write and laugh and look at trees.

welcome brad! i hope you find loads of information here. it has been a valuable asset to me. the people on here are AMAZING!

Welcome Brad. It can be very overwhelming when you are first diagnosed. I know when I was first diagnosed I went into denial and refused to do what I was supposed to and now I am paying the price for it.

Hey Brad,
Well, it’s always nice to see a fellow Canadian join the site and welcome. I’m a Type 1 from Ontario, I’ve had diabetes for 16 yeras. It’s a hard frustrating road, but having a place like this to turn to is good. The holidays are hard for me every year. I try and keep in mind that I am not perfect, I will slip up and eat WAY more than I should, but I always take my insulin and test. If you keep on top of testing then at least you will know where you’re at. Feel free to contact me about anything, we all need each other for support. Take Care.

Hey Brad! I pretty much felt the same way when I was diagnosed a little less than two years ago. I was at the point where I had to go on insulin, but my doctors say that my pancreas is still working to some small extent. Anyways, I hope that you are able to accept and deal with your new condition. I’m always available if you need a pity party though! :smiley: