Hi, My name is Renka and I'm a diabetic

I feel like I’m at an AA meeting and doing it one day at a time… Today all of my blood sugars were in the 100’s. I can’t remember when the last time that has been! Where do I collect my one day chip?

LOL -- love the AA analogy. "Hello, Renka!" :)

Congratulations! And here's a secret: whether it's going poorly or spectacularly well, it's always one day at a time. You do what needs doing right now, this minute, and then put it behind you and go forward. And don't ever fail to acknowledge yourself when you get it right! Congratulations again.

Thanks DNS!

The first step in the AA 12 step program is to admit to ourselves that we have a problem. I still struggle with this. But you have moved beyond this and having achieved blood sugars all in 100s for a day. You have achieved step 2, you have hope. I hope you now feel that you have hope.

Oh how I love this post! I cannot tell you how many times I feel exactly like this. As many years as we have this disease, it is always managed one day at a time.

i like this alot great job on the blood sugars. i still struggle with mine. but one day at a time is something that i have always believed is the best way to think

Thanks Brian I appreciate what you sent me, I need it in more way thn you know! Thx

I look at my diabetes this way also. Even praying when food struggle. But you all understand. One meal,snack or exercise at a time. focus when Dh brings 2 slices of carrot cake home. I can resist!