First Pregnancy-- TWINS!

Hello all!

I just need reassurance. :) I am very nervous/excited! I am 6.5 weeks, and saw TWO healthy heartbeats today! :)

My sugars before pregnancy were the greatest they've been in 5 years-- 6.7 A1C.. But since becoming pregnant it is hard! I am testing 15x a day, and still see sugars over 200 everyday. I feel the more insulin I give, the more I need, and I cannot keep up. I have a new CGMS coming, and an appointment with my educator soon. All said it will be ok, but I am just nervous and frustrated. This is the hardest ive ever tried to control my sugars, but seems impossible. :(

Anyone have high sugars in early pregnancy? Any Type 1's have twins??

Kari, this is very exciting news! Kudos on the A1c and on getting a CGMS - that will be hugely helpful.
Eight years ago, I found out I was expecting twins (I also have type 1) and it was terrifying. But everything went well, my girls are now very healthy 7.5 yr olds, and I'm so grateful for the blessing of twins.
Pregnancy IS a hard time for blood sugar management. Working with your educator and hopefully an experienced perinatologist (high risk pregnancy OB) will be key to your mental and physical health.
I essentially limited my carbs as much as possible. Hard at first bc I was very nauseous, and all that settled it was a daily scone!!! But that passed by week 14 and the rests of the way I ate no more than 30 gm of carbs at lunch and dinner, and had eggs and fruit for breakfast almost every day. AM was hardest for insulin resistance.

Please keep posting on here and connecting w people who inspire you and help you feel optimistic and supported!!!


Heather (mom of three healthy girls!)

Congratulations! I was in your shoes a little over a year ago - only I'm LADA, not type 1, and I had just been diagnosed two months before I got pregnant. :) The CGMS will be a huge help for you - I absolutely loved my Dexcom throughout my pregnancy. I had highs early in the first trimester, and then leveled out a bit between around week 10-11, before the steady climb in the second tri.

I second Heather's recommendation for an experienced perinatologist or maternal fetal medicine specialist. And what kind of twins are you having? My identical boys are 9 months old now. :)

You will probably feel like you can't keep up your whole pregnancy. Things change so fast. As soon as you feel like you've made a good change and it's working, it's time to make a new one! Not to discourage you, but it's just good to know that, so that you won't think the change you made isn't working, you'll just know it's already time to make another change! Best of luck, and keep up the frequent testing; that will be really helpful.

PS I also had pretty high sugars in early pregnancy because I was also sick with bronchitis (not sure if it was related to pregnancy or not). I was increasing my insulin but not being super aggressive because I didn't realize I was pregnant--just thought it was the temporary effects of being sick! My baby girl was born healthy at 37 weeks and is now a happy 8-month-old.

Congratulations Kari! I had some highs in the early pregnancy as well. It's good that you are working closely with your educator. I literally changed my insulin does every week all pregnancy (many weeks of just tweaking). The goal is good blood sugars, which is hard because the amount of insulin you will need to keep those will change from week to week. As the others said, I ate very low carb in the morning. I had two eggs and lots of veggies for breakfast every morning. Then I ate 50g of whole grain bread. This was the only way to stay under 140 after breakfast for me. I avoided fruit in the morning and ate it after lunch and in the afternoon. Another thing that worked for me was to bolus for 10-15 grams EXTRA and I didn't eat it unless I needed it. When I measured 1 hours after eating, if I had a huge spike then I didn't eat the fruit. If I didn't spike, then I would eat the 10-15g of carb then. It helped me keep things more even. Sometimes I couldn't tell if I would need it so I would measure again in 30-60 minutes.

Please post questions whenever you have them. There are lots of Moms who have been there!!

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Kari, I had the same problem weeks 6-8 of pregnancy. I am now 17 weeks pregnant(not with twins). The CGMS will help a lot. Your endo will probably want you to check in once a week with your Bg readings and will make adjustments throughout your pregnancy. After weeks 6-8, I started getting lows but my endo and CGMS helped me through that time. I am doing well but something tells me it will be time for another adjustment soon :wink: Good Luck! Keep posting if you have any questions.

Yes, for me the lows started around week 9 too. Then there was just tweaking from weeks 9-18. Weeks 19 on were the start of major insulin resistance and crazy increases in my doses. So hold on Diana -- it's probably coming!!

Just wanted to check in! Hope everyone is doing well. I found out I am having a baby BOY! :) One twin only made it to about 9 weeks, but the 1 boy left is so far so healthy. Sugars have been good, but past few days they have been trying to creep up. Let the increased insulin amounts begin! :)

Hi Kari,

First of all congrats! That is so exciting I am now 3 months pregnant and was unplanned and in the beginning it will be hard to control your sugars. I am still in the 200s atleast once daily. Just keep checking and correcting and eat the best you could. I must say it is very hard to eat healthy and I do splurge from time to time, but its only natural.

Email me anytime it will be nice to talk to someone else type 1 through pregnany!