Hi New Here!

Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I am new to Tudiabetes. I’ve had pre diabetes for about 18 years. I worked in health care and the first A1c I ever did on myself in my early 40’s was 6.0. I have managed to stay in the low 6’s, below the 6.5 “cut off” through diet. Strangely enough, I noticed that the antidepressants I took helped lower my blood sugars! Also, I have to take plaquenil for RA and that also lowers my BS and can sometimes give me a low.
Recently however, when I stopped my antidepressant and had a bad stomach virus, my A1c went up to 7. Ouch! They tried me on Metformin and Januvia and they both gave me horrible muscle aches and stiffness. This was so disappointing! I don’t know where things will go from here. I am hoping I can at least keep my A1c around 6.5 so I don’t have to go on meds. A lot of meds don’t agree with me.

Welcome! Let us know if there is any way we can help.

Thank you Mila!!!

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If your A1C doesn’t come back down then I would ask for insulin because of the side effects you got from type 2 meds. BTW insulin is not quite the dangerous substance it used to be in the pre- 2000’s because most of the newer insulins are much easier to use. I use Afrezza and Tresiba and I hardly ever go low and I haven’t gone low enough to need any help since I started using them.

It’s interesting that your A1C jumped after your illness (you’ll find that a lot of type 1’s got diabetes after an illness), to me it almost sounds like you may be developing LADA rather than type 2. Have you had any antibody testing done?

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Hi Firenze,

Thanks for your reply! Do you have type 1 diabetes? Nice to meet you! I was thinking the same thing about the illness and the blood sugar spikes! I have other auto immune diseases, so I am a little concerned.

I have an appt with my PCP in two weeks. He’s real sharp and so I’ll ask him to check my antibody levels. I don’t need any of this on top of my auto immune problems. Good thing I retired a few weeks back. I was just worn out from the RA and Sjogrens.

I used to work in health care and I know quite a bit about diabetes. I am lucky in that respect.

Thanks again for your reply.

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Yep, type 1 for 26 years

Sorry for the name mis spelling. I noticed it when I hit send. I think it was an auto correct thing.

Wow, type 1 for 26 years!!! Bless your heart!!! Nobody knows diabetes like a person with type 1. I don’t know how type 1’s do it 24/7, year in and year out. I am in awe. I guess pumps and new insulins make it a lot better.

Take care Firenza. I will keep you all posted on my results. I hope my PCP will run the tests for type 1/LADA and not give me grief about it.

Welcome @jean63 - hoping you figure out what’s the best protocol to take in staying in the good BG zone. I’m like you, in the health care area, not an RN, but an advocate and have been helping folks around the world with understanding about diabetes … and visa versa … I learn new things from them. I was diagnosed in the 60’s … so am long in the tooth, but just like when I go sailing … always new things to learn, etc. etc.

Thank you for replying to me Anna. If you’ve had diabetes since the 60’s and are still here, you certainly did something right!!! That’s great to hear!!

My blood sugars have settled down a bit. I went back on Prozac and for some reason the always lowers my blood sugar a little bit. Doctors never believe me when I tell them that but if you google it, you find out it can actually cause some to go low.

We’ll see what the primary car doc wants to do in two weeks. I so want to get this under control by diet and exercise b/c me and meds don’t mix very well.

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