New A1C

I have gone from a 12.3 at diagnosis to 6.6 in 7 1/2 weeks. I am very happy with that!!!

Just had to brag a little bit! :slight_smile:

Hey Mark, that’s definitely something worth bragging about. Insulin is pretty nice stuff, huh?

Wow great news, and you call yourself a diabetic!! :wink:

Wow, Mark, that’s fantastic. How did you manage it? Congratulations!!

congrats. that’s gotta feel good–heading in the right direction! :slight_smile:

Great job mark. You cut your A1c almost in half. You are obviously take this seriously and that is great to hear. Keep it up.

That’s absolutely amazing! Congrats!

That’s great news! :slight_smile: Congrats!

Wow! Way to go! You should be proud. And you definitely deserve bragging rights smile

I also had an insulin autoantibody, and an islet cell antibody test done and just got the results. The islet cell test was negative but the insulin autoantibody was positive measuring a 6. Does anyone know what this really means?

Just an FYI, my C-Peptide is just below the normal range and my GAD was negative as well.

It probably means that your islet cells are still being attacked by your immune system. I’ve read that in children (the most likely group to have these antibodies) before diagnosis, their levels of the insulin autoantibody are very high, but they come down with insulin use. Since it’s the only islet cell antigen out of the 3 antibodies they test for, I would think that means that something is still at work there.

Way to go Mark!!! Great!!!

Congrats Mark,

I’m curious: I would expect that you feel different now than you did with that A1C of 12+. Do you notice the change?

Great start! Congrats!

Honestly I do not notice any difference other than I am no longer thirsty and urinating all the time.

Sounds like you are very early in the process of autoimmune disease. (Type 1-LADA) I understand that the more antibodies you have, and the higher the number, the more beta cells have been destroyed, and the stronger the possibility of progression to complete insulin dependency. So it’s good news. If you can keep your BG as normal as possible, you should be able to preserve pancreas function and insulin production for a long time. The threshold for a positive- abnormal- finding is 5 and you are just above that. Also, with just a slightly lower C-peptide level, this means you have some impairment but not complete loss of insulin production. I had similar results, positve for islet cell antibodies only with a level of 5.