Hi Raffles

Winter storms trees bending to the wind chilly nights frosted cars loss of appetite,shaving with cold in water to save the energy shivers up and down your spine,not really fully awake what will it take to clear this mind a splash of cold water soon wakes me up a full,reach for a towel none there all in the washing basket open up the laundry door reach for a towel found,look in the mirror is that me or someone from the circus maybe a clown red nose bushy eye brows red cheeks all aglow,wish winter was over and walking I could go,the snow has melted and in it’s place the frost returns a fresh scrape the car windows as to see the road ahead,good by January with all its ills and woes come on February unfreeze my toes warm my body and ease my woes, knock this beast of mine called Raffles clear my blood and body refresh my spirit and fill this vessel with love and understanding,if you could see this thing called diabetes there would be something to look at and say no way will you beat me but it is crafty letting you think you have it under control then knocking you for 6 when you least expect it you cannot test your blood every hour can you I find it hard enough remembering to check it 4 times a day as it is.