Benefits befitting a diabetic

Sitting here my feet ears and nose feel very very cold my hands on the other hand no pun intended feel quite warm my arms and legs also feel cold how I long for those long days and nights of Summer smell of roses in the air the sound of birds chartering away the cat chasing shadows in the lawn a cool glass of orange the umbrella over my head to keep the warm rays of the sun from frying me the sound of the fan cooling the air as you lay on the bed trying to sleep and wishing for the cool breezes of Autumn,things which spoil it shortness of breath sweating tossing and turning in bed being so hot the dry mouth and even then my toes feet legs ears and nose still feel cold,perhaps my body is evolving to cope with the predicted change in weather scientists keep warning us about,trying to think of positive things diabetes gives us…still thinking how I know one free prescription but what a price to pay to get free medication and it is not really free as we pay insurance stamps from the day we start work so it is not really free is it,our kitchen has no radiator the central heating boiler is in the kitchen free standing but it does not heat the room same as out top landing no radiators there either,nothing that cannot be put right with 2 or 3 thousand ponds any good Samaritans out there,like you I pray for the day when a solution can be found to get rid of this thing mine is called Raffles it makes it a bit more persona,just hope a cure is found soon being 64 not a lot of road left for me to travel down.