Forty winks or a dandelion blowing in the breeze

Sitting here my body sweating all over sun shinning outside but my legs and feet still felling cold

I have had to take of my cardigan the sweat is boiling out of me so hot I could boil a kettle on my knee

Late with insulin today had it with dinner perhaps that is why buckets of sweat is pouring out of me

My computer seat is red hot in sympathy with me wish my feet did the same how happy I would be

The day rolls on and soon it will be gone and jack frost could visit me,wrap up warm snuggle together

Me sweating my Angel feeling the cold our cat is stretched out under the heater not a care in the world

Wish I was my cat dreaming of mice birds and all, no need to chase not feeling very hungry at all

Twiddlemthumbs sits on the wall, being nosey watch out for I will surely fall, crash wallop all broken in two

The maid is in the kitchen irking out the pie down came a bat took one look and decided the pie is not for me

Things that flit about in the moonlight are thinks I love to see, echos all around me no place to hide away

Mr Owl is hooting see how silently he glides if he comes your way just close your little eyes and fly away

It is nearly two o'clock I am drenched with sweat have you got a bucket of water throw it if you please

Sores in my nose again painful as can be have to lower my sugar level then perhaps they will leave

All in all poor speciman of mankind I be if I close my eyes I know without a doubt I will start to fall sleep

Just a cat nap I tell myself fourty winks that's all, close one eye not really asleep my senses still intact

Two hours later I wake up wonder where I have been no heart desease or diabetes it was just a dream