Hello, I’m jen and im 28 years old.I was a member on and off for awhile. I am 36 weeks pregnant with my second child after 8 years. (my oldest is 8 in juky) ive had two miscarriages in the last 2 years so this pregnancy is kinda still a shock and then some. I was diagnosed with T2 in 2002 a month before i became pregnant with my oldest. Ive been told im T1 and then T2. So after my pregnancy we will have the blood test done to see what I really am. Its confusing and hard because I dont normally control my sugars. I fail at caring and now im in my 8 month of pregnancy and im still struggling, I hate that I have diabetes and I hate controling it. But for my children and me I need to step up.

anyways. here I am for support and such. :slight_smile:

I just had a baby in April. Good news is that once you give birth, your blood glucose is instantly easier to control. Even better if you nurse your baby as that brings your numbers even lower.

Hope you have a happy and healthy delivery. You’re on the home stretch now.

Thanks. what type do you have of diabetes? did you have the baby natural or c section?

I have type 1. Delivery was a c-section, but not due to diabetes.