High blood sugar

Hi all I had a bg spike today after changing my infusion set on my pump. It went to the 400s within a few hrs! I was at the grocery store and I tested before I went in, took a bolus and when I came out (Half hr later) it had gone up 70 points so I rushed home (another half hr) and tested again before getting ready to take an injection and rechange the site and it had finally dropped about 75pts. It’s still in the 400s but seems to be dropping. Should I change anyway or will it be fine? Is this a normal rate to drop? 75points in 1hr? Is that enough? I am using Novolog.

If you are dropping, I'd continue to monitor and correct if needed. I'd be more concerned if you weren't dropping but continuing to go up.

Thank you! It’s already dropped another 50pts! I’m feeling better about it also hearing from someone else!

Glad it's coming down, Amanda; I know how scary it is to see those kind of numbers! If you feel comfortable with your ISF, I wouldn't hesitate to do another correction. If you are still way high (like 300) I would probably do a shot correction as that can work quicker - just be sure and keep track of the IOB either by writing it down or actually disconnecting and then "bolusing" into the air, so it will take the amount into computation for you.