How high is too high?

just curious: sometimes my BS goes up for no accountable reason. so, big deal; it happens with all of us. however, just wanted to know what your BS is exceptable to bolus for a meal. For instance, if i wake up at 6am for bkfst, and my BS is 325, i normally just give myself insulin needed for eating and then bolus a correction (or rather my pumps "WIZARD" feature takes care of that for me).

This morning when i woke up (and this is why i am asking you pumpers out there) and my BS was 420, instead of panicking (which would have been a more normal responce) i changed my whole set: infusion, resevoir, insulin, site and then i simply bolused for my meal and a correction.

should i have waited until my BS came down? i worry that i will over-bolus and then i will drop low. very confused. please help!!!

Well, if it were my son, I would have changed the site (probably wouldn't have changed the reservoir/insulin unless I had good reason to think they were bad), given him a correction, and waited for about 45 minutes to make sure his BG was on the way down before letting him have breakfast. And I'd have given him his breakfast bolus only about 5-10 minutes before he ate. Basically, that would ensure that the correction insulin was working on the excess glucose already there before adding more into the mix, but it would also ensure that the food's glucose got in there before the meal bolus started acting on the food, with the goal of a "soft landing" instead of a crash. I don't know about you, but I find he tends to drop pretty fast if given insulin for a lot of circulating glucose.

Depending on how paranoid I was feeling that day, I could also see myself giving the correction via syringe BEFORE changing the site. Speaking of which, I hear the distant sound of a CGM alarm, so I'm off.

thx Elizabeth. will try it ntx time (in the future, whenever that will be)

When my BG runs up, I bolus and wait to eat. I have a CGM, which is sort of cheating, but I'll watch it until the numbers reach the "crossover point" (Diabetes= the war in Vietnam...) and start to come down and then sort of hold off eating until they are sort of normal, depending on what I'm going to eat. This can lead to some hair-raising lows but, since I'm planning on eating...