High Fructose Corn Syrup in Children's Pain Relievers

My son has been sick for a couple of days and we have been using dye free ibuprofin to help with pain from an ear infection and to help with his fever. I was stunned to read that both children's acetamenaphin and ibuprofin have high fructose corn syrup in them. This is not something we use in my our diet and definately not something I want to be giving him when he is sick. After a little investigation on the internet, I found no pain relievers that offer an alternative to the hfcs. A pharmacist believed the amount of hfcs was so little it wouldn't affect my son's bs. Someone else suggested I use "melt aways" though I would be trading the hfcs for artifical dyes, which I am not inclined to do.
Wondering what other people think and if you have any suggestions. I can't be the only mother of a diabetic that thinks this is counterproductive.

We have NEVER had any medication with sweeteners effect our son's BG. We do not use sugar free alternatives. In my opinion his BGs will be so effected by the infection itself that any impact of a trace of carbs in medication will be negligible

Good point. It just suprises me that pain relievers without hfcs don't exist, particularly for diabetics.

Thanks, its great to find others who have similar thoughts and beliefs. Pain relievers are not my first choice either, I rarely take my kids in to the Dr. and often let their bodies fight the infection. I am eager to check out your suggestions. I am on the hunt for a dr that supports our choices with diabetes (vegan), they are hard to come by. We are far from traditional in our approach to treatment, if you don't mind my asking, what is your approach?