High Protein eating.....just wondering

Yesterday I went with a friend to a “demonstration” of a high protein shake type way of eating and losing weight. Although I wouldn’t or couldn’t consider it for myself due to cost and faith in the products, I asked many questions about the use for diabetics. Although the canisters of powder said that the product had 2g carbs, 0 carbs, and the highest I saw was 16 g carbs, the question didn’t get answered … mainly, how does this all work out for a diabetic person?
Occassionally I will use another product, which is a canned protein drink for a quick “I’m running late, have to exercise, too” breakfast, but not as a meal. This was a drink two of these and eat a “colorful” meal a day…and of course the usual testimonials of how wonderful it was.
But I am looking for healthy…they had many supplements to take with it, and combine this and that, and even a sugar control pill…but no information on the health aspects for people with diabetes.

So I am wondering does anyone use any of these types of products for their daily meals? Do you seem to think they would be healthy or would it be better to get your nourishment from real food, and work on healthy eating rather than drinking a concoction? As you can tell I am not sold on it, not even close, but wondering if there is something I am missing.

I think that healthy eating is the key whether you are a T1 or T2. If you rely on a drink you will not learn how to eat healthy. Ask yourself if you are willing to use this drink forever. It might be fine for the short term but how will you ever learn to eat healthy if you don’t do it now?

Shakes like Glucerna aren’t healthy. They’re water, have several types of sugar, artificial ingredients, with some vitamins & minerals thrown in. They’re also pretty high carb for a small serving. Junk food marketing to diabetics.

Sounds like the product you mention is a whole lot of marketing hype.

Protein shakes are an easy, healthy fast meal if they’re made with real food, not the stuff in cans. I use NOW brand unflavored whey isolate protein powder. Whey isolate has the highest percentage of protein. My health food store sells it in the bulk section. It dissolves easily. I mix it with unsweetened almond milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, sometimes a shot of decaf espresso & sweetener. Very low carb, filling & delicious. Hemp protein powder is wonderful. I avoid soy so don’t use soy protein powders.

I also use green drinks that are just dehydrated barley & wheat grass.

I believe it’s better to get nutrients from food not pills. Our bodies recognize food not the concentrated form in supplements. Of course, if someone has a deficiency then supplements are needed. You need a degree in biochemistry to know how to balance vitamin/mineral supplements properly to not create an imbalance.

Being a T2, adjusting insulin right now is not a problem, yet. But thanks for that info. I had a CDE once ask me if I would rather chew my food or drink it, that’s what it basically amounted to, aside from if the food or drink was healthy.
This company still couldn’t give the total, carbs in the products, and that’s one of the reasons I said no thank you.
Eating is a very emotional, very sensual experience. When we put something in our mouths and eat it, it’s not just the nutrition that gets fed. Our emotions, our feelings, our thoughts, our psyche gets fed also. Drinking something just doesn’t cut it in the same manner.

Gerri, I would agree with most of what you said. I use a “canned” product when I swim and if I am running late in the early AM to fix something to eat. The product with a total of 18 g of carbs isn’t my meal by any chance, I count it as a snack, swim and then eat a much healtheir breakfast. Would I use this for a meal, only if nothing else was available. I guess basically, I just live to chew.

A caveat. Xocai is a MLM company. It’s a combo of whey protein powder, chocolate & sweeteners. Expensive because of distributors (typical MLM set-up).

I have used protein shakes for some years, but not as a meal replacement. I guess I would not in general suggest “meal replacement,” except as an option of last resort. I believe it is preferable to get your primary nourishment from “real” food, looking to whole food sources as much as possible.

I use protein shakes as a way of safely increasing the protein in my diet. I choose a 100% whey shake, often bought at costco in 6lb bags. It is a low carb shake mix. I mix it with a cup of milk, which is 12g of carbs. You can also mix it with water, but even better is half cream, half water.

There are diets based around shakes, but I would not recommend those diets in this forum.

And as a final note, be wary of expensive shakes. There are plenty of sources of good powdered shake mix in the $5-10/lb range. If someone wants you to pay $20/lb for some special mix, you are getting ripped off.

I do use a protein shake occassionaly which I make myself from low carb whey powder ( 2 g). It does spike me, though so I only use them if I am going to workout. I agree with the other you should not replace meals with them. I have lost tons of pounds eating real whole non processed food. Recently added Coconut Oil to my diet and it is fantastic. It has reset my metablosism and all my belly fat is now gone.

I had a nephrologist and my endo say never to have protein shakes. T1 kidneys do not need the extra strain from protein shakes.

He probably says this cautiously as some folks may have kidney issues or kidney disease (some without knowing it), particularly Diabetics... But in persons with no kidney issues of any kind, extra protein does not strain the kidneys. http://www.webmd.com/diet/news/20030317/high-protein-diets-can-hurt...