High Reading Question

Hey everyone,
'Betes Newbie here and a bit confused on my morning reading today.

Since the diagnosis about a month ago and a glucose reading of 170, I’ve cut out all breads, flour, pasta and most sugars etc and have lost 20lbs. My readings have been a lot better dropping down to anywhere from 130 to as low as 90 a few times. I’m doing 500MG of the Metformin twice a day and Jardiance every morning.

This morning my first reading was 220 which is even higher than the diagnosis. Last night’s dinner was 4 pieces of tuna sashimi (just tuna) with edamame and Miso Soup so totally confused with what gives.

Is that normal?

Thanks in advance and nice to meet all of you.


Hi John, that morning reading does sound high, do you think you might have been misdiagnosed as type 2 and instead may be LADA or type 1? This is a common misdiagnosis. If the trend continues I would ask your doctor to be tested to see if you may be type 1. It could be just a random reading, maybe you are incubating a cold or flu, that causes high numbers.

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When I get a reading that is much different from what I expect, I test again, making sure my hands are clean and using another glucose meter, if I have one available.


Well at least if it’s type 1 I can get an official “I’m #1” foam finger . Thanks for the feedback. It’s been back to more normal ranges with a 128 post lunch reading so hopefully it was just a stress number (tons of stress lately)

Good advice. It’s back down to 128 this afternoon so hoping it was just a one-time fluke.

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I call this “Diabetes Black Magic.” It cannot be explained. But, it exists. Beware the strange and mysterious forces of diabetes AND diabetics.


does your sashimi include rice? Also it usually includes added sugar (because it tastes better that way, and Miso soup has added sugar and carbs. So what you thought was low carb was not. You need to understand hidden and added carbs.

Ahhh thanks it could have been the Miso - sashimi is just the fish, no rice.

I will remember this one

Traditionally the fish can be sprinkled with sugar
Edamame also has carbs. Can include added sugar.

When I was first diagnosed 11 years ago, My education course required that we test before and after all food and record the results. So that I would understand the reactions to what I consumed. A lot of surprises. I don’t test for everything now, just the unknown.

When I first started counting carbs I was floored how much carb is in so many common foods. It’s a huge undertaking to to get a grip on how much carb you are eating. Then figure how much insulin or meds you need to cover it.

Glad it seemed like a one time thing for you. Yes, if you get a reading that strikes you as odd, do wash your hands, dry and re test. Sometimes if you are getting sick, your blood sugar will go up.

Another newb here, not trying to hijack the thread, but I thought it fit in with the topic, please move me if I’m wrong.

I was diagnosed 5/1/20 and I’m still waiting on my first endo visit or any “formal” education. I’ve been reading a lot on this forum and other interweb sites. I take most of the info (outside of here) with a proverbial grain of salt, not actual salt because I’m sodium restricted, too.

I was diagnosed with a BGL of nearly 400, during a NONSTEMI heart attack (turns out I have a bad aortic valve). I have been slowly but steadily increasing pre-meal doses of Humalog and daily doses of Lantus based on a recommendation from my PCP. Along with diet, I have steadily improved my average BGL down to 125 and 42% in target (yes, I have a Freestyle Libre). I am charting both the Freestyle and One Touch Ultra readings in the app and in a spread sheet. I should note that I’m taking cereal bowl full of blood thinners, BP and cholesterol meds, too.

I told you all that to ask you this: I have what seems to me to be pretty extreme Dawn Phenomenon, a phenomenon I learned of here. It is really the only unaccounted for significant blip on my chart and accounts for about a 30 - 40 point jump every morning for about 3 hours, seemingly regardless of carb intake. Would you recommend trying to adjust my morning dosage of Humalog to compensate since DP is so consistent or should I wait another week and (finally) talk to my Endo? Thanks in advance!