High sugars in early pregnancy and they won't budge!

I’m 5 weeks pregnant today and have had some highs but been able to correct them quickly. Today I’ve been at 200+ for several hours and taken several correction blouses and nothing is budge. It’s starting to freak me out but there’s only so much I can do! Driving me nuts. Somebody please assure me that I’m not doing horrible damage to my baby!

You will get this under control and being high for several hours isn’t going to be harmful. You need to take a deep breath and just remain calm. Stressing out makes it worse. I suspect you may need to adjust your dosing in order to manage your blood sugar through your pregnancy, you may just need higher doses for correction. And for most people once you have gone high (like 300 mg/dl) it is usual to become more insulin resistant and take more insulin to normalize your blood sugar. It can be a struggle for any of us to bring down those pesky highs.

Hi @Jkosbart,

I’m on my 2nd T1 pregnancy and 4th pregnancy total, I’m 28 weeks now. I had 2 babies before being diagnosed with T1, with my other 2 babies I had gestational diabetes. Not to worry, this has happened to me a number of times. I currently get high BGs at nighttime and its hard to make a dent in them. While high BGs are not great for your body or the baby’s body you are NOT doing horrible damage to your baby. Now, if you were in the 200’s+ most of the time throughout the days constantly, yes thats going to cause potential harm. Try not to worry too much. If your doctors make you feel bad, its like programed into their DNA as doctors. They are doing their best to help you and your baby in terms of risk. Even they know you don’t have control over every BG reading but they are responsible for your care and have a lot of liability on their shoulders. You will have times of moments of what seems like insulin resistance.
YOU ARE DOING GREAT! :smiley: Keep up the good work and keep trying to lower your BGs but be careful you don’t over do it. You might end up in a low low situation.
This is normal for a T1 pregnancies. Your insulin needs go up and your BGs go crazy. You will have times when you have things under control and then your insulin needs will change again, i.e. go up and you will need to adjust accordingly. Its a roller coaster ride.
First, are you on a pump? If so, I would sit down with your endo and/or your high risk OBGYN and adjust your pump settings. You might need to adjust your carb ratios, sensitivity ratios, and basal settings. All 3 need to be analyzed constantly throughout pregnancy. If you are not on the pump, then you need to see how much you are giving yourself for basals and for boluses. Might need to bump up both slightly. You will need to write down how much and when- documentation is key with dates and times. Small increases, no big jumps.
Second, stay hydrated with water and eletrolytes (sugar free might be best). You need to stay hydrated with your BGs running on the higher end.
Third, stay active. I clean the house when my BGs are too high. :wink: Its funny, but vacuuming, moving things around (light things), and general activity lowers my BGs within a 30-45 mins of activity. If you have stairs in your home, going up and down with them with a laundry basket really helps. Just some ideas.

Hi! I am t2 and 7 weeks pregnant - and this happened to me, too! BG goes nuts for many women during pregnancy, which is why doctors test for gestational diabetes. It is totally normal that your pregnancy hormones would be messing with your control! I agree with @Brian_BSC, the most important thing is to remain calm! Shortly after I found out about my pregnancy, I made an appointment with my endocrinologist because I noticed my numbers increasing almost immediately. Your doctor can help you come up with a plan! Just remember that your needs will probably continue to change throughout pregnancy, and that’s normal, too! Just adjust accordingly. Congrats on your pregnancy!!!