Higher after correction?

So I tested before going to bed tonight and I was a little on the higher side, 213, so I corrected with 3 units, didn’t want to go too low in the morning. Anyways I just tested two and a half hours later and instead of going lower I went higher to 309. I didn’t eat anything, just took a shower and played online. I just opened this new vial of insulin and it looked just like the one I just finished…

Oh how I wish this disease made sense!

are you PMSing or ovulating? That can cause really strange highs for me that seem to be worse at night for some reason.

“Oh how I wish this disease made sense!” That statement made me smile as I seem to say the same exact thing every single day. I don’t think I can offer too much as I am the mother of a 6 yo PWD, but I do see this happen and it often happens at night. I don’t know the secret formula, but for Caleb I think this happens for a couple of reasons: (1) growth - if he’s going through a spurt I have to adjust all his basals particularly overnight, and (2) food. Certain foods affect his system differently and several will last and last. Pizza, chinese, pasta, anything fried and usually anything from a restaurant. Have you eliminated food as the variable?

And then of course there is my old standby - the phase of the moon, although I haven’t started tracking that one yet :slight_smile:

I wish this disease made sense, too!

Possible reasons:
Previous meal was extremely high fat
Injected correction dose into scar tissue, so it wasn’t well-absorbed (or, problems with infusion set and site)
Glucose meter, depending on model, can be as much as 20% off (10% off is more likely)–in either direction
Unclean hands, so 309 test was inaccurate
You’re getting an illness
Your correction ratio is off (how many units of rapid-acting do you take to lower your bg a specific number of points?) If you don’t know, it’s easy to undertreat or overtreat highs.
You need different correction ratios depending on time of day/activity level (I’m 1 unit to 30 pts in morning, 1 unit to 50 pts at other times of day)
Mysterious alignment of the planets?

You guys all made me laugh! Yeah I’m not sure what caused it and have eliminated the bottle being bad as a cause as I’m still using it and it does work. My dinner that night did consist of mac and cheese, always an excellent choice, so it could have been the pasta… Who knows!

Thanks for the suggestions, I think we should start tracking the phases of the moon, see if there’s a connection! LOL