Highest and Lowest Sugars today?

What have your highest and lowest sugar readings been today? My lowest was 87, highest was 156.

so far 45 and 153. 45 at 3am and 153 2 hours after breakfast. I chose a poor food choice for breakfast, I don’t like being over 140 2 hours after a meal if I can help it.

well i just had breakfast so far today.
but yesterday was a REALLY crappy day for my blood sugar
high: 340-something i think?
low: 120 [fasting]

OMG - I have been over 400 for about four hours. I woke up this morning at 90 - but have a 40 minute drive to work. So I had a SMALL, tiny amount of carrot cake…well…I guess I won’t be doing that again. I am coming down now - after four hours and lots-a-lots bolus…am at 236…Also I changed my site last night so am wondering if my basal is not working properly. I admire you saying you didn’t like 153. I absolutely HATED 400 !!!

High: 144. Normally, I would flip out at this (I hate being above 120), but I told myself to calm down and not overreact. I test again 20 minutes later, and I was 177 (oh, never mind, guess that was my high), so I overreacted gave myself 15 units. Half hour later, I’m now at my…

Low: 60. I’m sure I’ll get lower, though. I always do.

The lowest was 92 and highest was 112. But the day’s not over yet and I haven’t eaten many carbs. I had an egg white protein shake for breakfast (yuck!) and a green salad with roasted turkey and ranch dressing for lunch.

175 high (after breakfast, still had insulin working, I’m sure it’s come down, but it’s not lunchtime yet so I haven’t tested), 114 was my “low” if you want to call it that… I feel I’m in for it today. Ugh.

So far today
highest: 141
lowest: 88