Hiking group in. Los angeles

Hey everyone. I just joined up with a group who do hikes for type 1 diabetics. As it turns out there. We’re 3. Type. 1 and 2 who were not.
It was pretty awesome getting a chance to hike and talk about different strategies and philosophies.
It was a challenging hike but certainly doable. Just short of 6 miles 1500 foot climb.
If anyone is in the area, I highly recommend it, they have smaller ones and less challenging ones too

I’ll be doing more hikes with the as the come up.

Post some photos for us. Are you able to go out into the forest, now? Or, is it all fire-y?

Ok I’ll post the ones with no people cause I didn’t ask anyone, but we got some good group shots too.
The area I live in is desert brush area. So no forrests. There are fires in the nearby mountains and it blows smoke toward us. Smoke makes for Brighter orange sunsets, however I would prefer the fires were out


Holy cow! Look at that!!!
Thanks Timothy.

Nice! Thanks for sharing.

They are amazing. Especially I love the sunset one.

That particular hike is timed to have us arrive just before sunset.