Type 1 Group in Portland

Hi all

Some of you may remember me; I was a regular on TuDiabetes for several years; I still read the digests but it’s been awhile since I posted. You might also know that I started a very wonderful Type 1 Women’s Group in the SF Bay Area in 2010 which has been going strong ever since and is an amazing source of connection, support and learning. Several members of that group are regulars on TuDiabetes. I left the Bay area in 2011 and whenever I was in the Bay Area would join the group for a pot luck which they do periodically. Also there is an e-mail tree which I asked for support when I was in Cuba and struggling with lows.
I now live in Portland and was hoping to start a group here. The local branch of the JDRF (which supported the group in the Bay Area) hasn’t been too helpful but if I can connect with a few interested people here I would find a meeting site and then ask the JDRF to advertise it in their newsletter. I am not totally invested in it being a Women’s Group if I hear from enough male Type 1’s that would like to be a part of the group. My e-mail is zoelula2@gmail.com if you want to connect.


Zoe! I’m glad to see this is happening. Of course, I’d like the group to include males but I respect the need for a women’s group. Whatever direction you take will interest me.

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Thanks, Terry. I’m just hoping the group gets of the ground, whoever is in it!

Hope you had a great trip!


Hi Zoe, nice to see you here again. Hope you manage to get your group going.

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Lots of people, I’ve noticed, are starting Meetup groups. Maybe thats easier than email. IDK. You could have more than one group on Meetup. https://www.meetup.com/

Thanks, Pastelpainter!


Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t know much about Meetup - I assume it’s a way to advertise local live groups, not just an online group itself?


Its super easy to make a group on Meetup. It looks like Portland already has about 50 people interested, but they need an organizer. Google: Portland Diabetes Meetup. I think its around $10 per month to host a group. I know several people who run Meetups in town. Sometimes they get large and people need helpers to run them. Sometimes people charge to attend meetings (like, admission rates to cover ticket prices or the cost of running the site). There are lots of options. It helps people meetup in real life. So, I met a lot of my local diabetes community when Meetup people can down to the capitol for an ADA event. You can attend a local group to see what its like and how it works for free. There will be Meetup groups in your area for everything under the sun. https://www.meetup.com/cities/us/or/portland/

In general, it will usually appear as if more people are going to show up than actually do. People intend to go, register, and then dont show. So, be prepared for that.

Minneapolis has one main group related to diabetes. They are meeting tonight for pizza (appear to be 5 people going). But, I’m going to a different Meetup group. If I go next month, I’ll ask if you have any questions about how it works.

Hola Zoe! Do you mind if I share this information on our Facebook page and target people close to Portland?

Thanks a lot; this might be a good work-around for me to connect with people without JDRF back-up. I’ll check it out!


Yes, thanks, Mila. I’m not much of a social media person which is why I felt stuck connecting to people without the JDRF back-up. Someone else suggest Meet-Up - though I thought that was more for informal socializing than a consistent support group, I’ll check into that as well. I appreciate the help. TuDiabetes was my lifeline for many years, but now in person connection is more what I need.



Count me in

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Excellent; I’m keeping a list and will get back to everyone soon!


Portland being Portland, OR, I assume (since you’re west coast) rather than Portland, ME. Keep in touch, if so.

I hate to define myself by my various dysfunctions, but this one already controls most of my life and absolutely cannot be ignored. Might as well see if I can do anything positive with all that energy.

Yep, definitely Oregon. I’m getting a list going and looking at options and will be letting people know when I have a plan.

For me, being a part of a type 1 community - first online and then in real life - has definitely made my identity a positive thing rather than the “sick” or “disabled” one the doctors want to foist off on us!


Hey @Zoe - I know it’s been 3 years and 1 pandemic later…Presuming that COVID derailed plans for this to happen.

I’m looking for such a group, now that COVID is enough on the wane for the moment. Did anything come of this?


Hi Jason

Unfortunately, I was never able to start a group. Portland JDRF reps were friendly and enthusiastic when I met with them but didn’t follow up. That was before the Pandemic so maybe something happened since then. I moved to Astoria in 2020 so am out of the loop myself.
Take care,