History & Funding of TuDiabetes and the DHF?

I was surprised not to see any “About” menu heading for this website, nor for the DHF website. Is there any info on the history and the actual sources of funding (aside from requested donations obtained at this website)?

Sincere thanks for any information.

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A history of TuDiabetes. Interesting. I guess that question should really be answered by @askmanny. As far as I know nobody has written that.

As to the funding, that has varied over the years. There have been various sponsors at different levels at times and many members have been very generous in giving to DHF. But TuDiabetes is a program of DHF and while you could probably account for some specific funding for TuDiabetes, much is shared with EsTuDiabetes and a lot of DHF staff effort goes into things here. And one should not forget that significant elements are done by volunteers giving their own valuable time and effort.

As to the current sponsorship, on the TuDiabetes home page at the bottom you can see current sponsors of TuDiabetes are the Helmsley Trust, Novo Nordisk and Sanofi. I’ll leave it to @cynthia_rogers if there is a more complete information available.


Thanks @Brian_BSC for picking this up this morning! I’m sure @askmanny would have many wonderful insights and I can definitely gather more information regarding sponsorship/funding.

I will get back to this thread!
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There’s lots of history about DHF on Wikipedia:

As for TuDiabetes, here’s a few video that tell the story:


Sincere thanks to you, Brian, for your prompt response.
I’m just trying to better understand what type of non-profit service organization TuDi is.
History (as to who and why started it) and funding are important to that.

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@askmanny Hi! Thank you so much for sharing all of that info and beautiful history pieces! Amazing! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

@EdinNJ1 thank you so much for asking such a meaningful question. As the still “fairly new!” community manager of this wonderful space, I enjoy learning more each day! I love your comment about finding simple joys each day! Be well to you also!

And thanks too @Brian_BSC !