Fundraising Campaign, Sep. 2010

Between August 31, 2010 and Sept. 14, 2010, we are holding a fundraising campaign to benefit the Diabetes Hands Foundation, the nonprofit behind

Our goal is to raise $10,000 for the Diabetes Hands Foundation by September 14, 2010. All donations made are tax-deductible.


See how things are looking vs. our goal by checking out the thermometer on the right side of the page. With your help, we can offer support and information to more than 200,000 people every month. Are you can read below, we have designated four levels for you to help us (or you can help us by becoming a DHF Community Fundraiser):

Donate at the Red Level

**** CLICK HERE TO DONATE AT THE RED LEVEL ($151 or more) ****

Donate at the Orange Level

**** CLICK HERE TO DONATE AT THE ORANGE LEVEL (between $51 and $150) ****

Donate at the Green Level

**** CLICK HERE TO DONATE AT THE GREEN LEVEL (between $26 and $50) ****

Donate at the Blue Level

**** CLICK HERE TO DONATE AT THE BLUE LEVEL (between $1 and $25) ****

* All those choosing to make recurring donations of more than $10 per month will receive a copy of the No-Sugar Added Poetry diabetes poetry book .

** A daily copy of the No-Sugar Added Poetry book will be raffled among all one-time donors at the blue, green and orange levels. **

To read the financial statements and learn about the financial health of Diabetes Hands Foundation, visit our GuideStar Organization page.

Learn how can become a Community Fundraiser for DHF and enjoy these benefits while you help us raise much needed funds to support our mission:
  • Receive a TuDiabetes Sports bottle (not available any other way).
  • Get 20% off of all DHF store purchases for a whole year.
  • Receive all the benefits of the level you would be eligible for as a donor (based on your fundraising results).
  • Earn a badge that reads: “I am a DHF Community Fundraiser” to sport on your profile page.
  • Become a member of the private TuDiabetes Community Fundraisers Group.
  • Get listed on our fundraising page as a “Community Fundraiser”.

So far today, we’ve received four donations, totaling $345.

A daily copy of the No-Sugar Added Poetry book will be raffled among all one-time donors at the blue, green and orange levels!

Can’t help right now but WISH I could

You can help by telling others: that is a big help, amiga! :slight_smile:

OK will do!

Thanks so much, Reed!!!

LOL!! We have an outstanding request to look into this with Ning, the provider we use to run the community. They haven’t answered yet. :frowning:

YAY!!! We’re up to $470. Thanks to all who have donated:

We’re up to $630!!!

X that. Another donation came in!! We’re at $830!!!

Make that $855!!! Thanks for your support, guys!!

Congratulations to SEAGATOR!! You won the first copy of the No-Sugar Added Poetry book to be raffled among daily donors during the fundraising campaign!!! We will send it to you along with the rest of the thank you gifts corresponding to your donation!!!

It was a very slow day today. Standing at $865 raised so far.

Please help us reach our goal: $10,000 by Sept. 13. If each member donated $5, that would put us WEEEEELL over the goal! Think of that. :wink:

PLUS any donation of $1-$150 makes you eligible for the daily raffle of a copy of “No-Sugar Added Poetry” along with the benefits related to the level at which you are donating.

Did you know you can schedule a monthly donation to support the Diabetes Hands Foundation? If you cannot afford a certain amount now, you can split it into monthly donations? For example: want to donate $120 in a year? You can schedule monthly $10 donations.

In our donation page:
make sure you choose the option "I want to make a recurring donation"
and pick the right frequency from the dropdown next to this option as shown on this image.

Thanks to Pauly for your kind donation!!! We’re now about to break the $1,000 mark! YAY!!!

A very generous donation by John Carlton, just got us near $1,200!! Thanks so much for your support!
(the thermometer will get updated accordingly later in the day)

catlover has won the second copy of the daily giveaway of the No-Sugar Added Poetry book among all donors between $1 and $150.

Congratulations and thanks for your support!!!

As we near the end of the day, we’re up to $1,240 raised as a result of 14 donations:

Thanks for everyone’s support!!

Another $100 donation came in: we’re up to $1,340!!!

And $50 more!! $1,390!!! YAY!!!