Back on the Rollercoaster Ride

Hey all! It's been a very eventful past few weeks. I'm currently in Australia and doing a bit of travelling around, staying with various people and enjoying the culture.

I recently wrote a blog post about how I thought that in coming to Oz it'd somehow magically straighten out my levels. Well, two weeks later, and I'm still experiencing horrendous rollercoaster diabetes - which I hate, because not only does it do me bad in the present, I also know that it'll make any future complications more likely.

People always question how travelling works with diabetes - how easy it is to manage your sugar levels, and I would say that there's 2 sorts of travelling - the one where you spend your time swimming and sightseeing, and the one where you are chilling with family and friends. The first is easy to control really as the exercise cancels out the different foods (which you'll still be able to choose at restaurants, hotel buffets or in self catering) - but the second is a nightmare if you haven't fully prepared. Relaxing and being fed food is a rough combination if that's not what you're used to.

I'm currently staying with a family here in Oz, helping tutor the son in return for food and board. The only problem with this is that they eat their main meal in the evening, and it's always loaded with carbs. I've explained my diabetes to them, but I forgot how many 'secret' carbs there were in things. I'm glad of being able to get breakfast and lunch sorted myself, and maybe I'll have to work on eating my own food in the evenings too if I can't get it right. It's a really big family, and it's not practical for them to cook lower carb food because the kids won't necessarily eat it and it can be much more expensive. For now, I'm trying to practice a little portion control, and abide my time as best I can, until I get full reign over a kitchen again back in the UK!

Any words of wisdom from you out there...