Good News!

So my results came back from the biopsy. The small lesions they saw on my MRI were just a small build up of fatty tissue, it’s not a tumor or anything cancerous (this just confirms that they would have wanted to do a biopsy anyway). It is causing a very mild inflammation of my liver but nothing serious, it’s not cirrhosis. I just need to maintain a healthy weight and not drink a lot of alcohol, which I really don’t, I only drink on occasions. My regular physician will follow up on it as time goes on but otherwise I really don’t have much to worry about.

yay! i’m glad you’re doing okay

What great news!

Well, that’s a relief then. I’m Glad that your Dr. will be keeping up with it. So just our regular stuff. Weight-loss if needed, exercise, not much alcohol and a healthy diet. Thanks for the update.

That IS good news! Happy for you :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone! I’m very glad because I would hate to be in the hospital with my friend’s wedding coming up that I’m to be in!