Hockey Night in Canada!

It may not seem like much, but I played an hour of pickup hockey last night. It was my first since March two years ago.

So why has it been so long?

Aug 2006 Eye Hemmhorrage
Oct 2006 Vitrectomy
Fall 2007 Minor bleeder/laser
Winter 2007-08 Two bleeders
May 2008 Bleeder that left me 20/60 in left eye
June 2008 Laser for bleeder.

The thing about eye problems is you can’t do much physical activity at all while you are bleeding. I don’t want any more vitrectomies, so I have been a good little boy and have been taking it easy per doctor’s orders. During all this I’ve kept my A1C’s close to 6.0: 6.4, 6.3, 6.1, 6.0, 6.0. I expect my next due any day to be under 6! Perhaps these lower numbers caused this bleeding to happen. down from 7.3, but it would probably happen later anyway. My current prognosis is excellent. My optho can see no damage at all. He said go ahead and do your normal activities, including hockey!

Good news – both with the hockey and the A1c’s! So how’d hockey with the pump go? I’d love to get back out on the ice… it’s been about two years for me, too.

So, is it really HNIC, or just Hockey Night in Wisconsin? Did you give the HNIC theme song one last hurrah? (Hey, I live in New York, I don’t get the Canadian networks!)

I decided to leave the pump in the car. Too risky. I was 6.2 mmol/l before I went on. I drank 1/3 of a Gatorade. I was 3.8 when I got off, so I finished it. I dropped my basals to 50% for the night, and I woke at 7.2.

It will be weird watching hockey this season. As you might know, CBC no longer has rights to the song. Whatever. We decided to dump our TV anyway :wink:

So, how did you do back on the ice after two years? I know that if I were to get back on the ice, my legs would be like jell-o and I’d be out of breath 15 seconds into my ifrst shift!

I know about the HNIC song — I thought I heard that one of the competing stations (was it TSN?) bought the rights.

CTV bought it for somethig like $1 mil.

I was better than I expected. I had legs for the first 20 minutes or so, at least enough to go down and back. The rest was a write-off. I had no feel in my hands either (golfers can relate). My left foot also decided to cramp up. That was fun, NOT!

I went again last night. My stick worked better, but my legs and lungs were worse. I seriously have to lose a lot of weight before I can hope to get anything resembling decent legs again. I’m working on that :wink: