First Pump A1C

I started my Minimed 522 pump on February 12, 2007. After 30 years, 8 months, and 12 days of daily injections (ignoring those 2 days I went without insulin during my honeymoon period) I was finally stepping up my glucose management a notch (at least I hoped so). Though I work in technology, I’ve always been slow at adopting new technologies for my personal life (got my first CD in the 90’s and my first cell phone in 2004). But I knew I was ready for the pump.

Getting the pump was incredibly inspiring for me to try to achieve the best control possible. After almost 31 years I was still free of those nasty complications I’d long feared and I wanted to keep it that way for as long as possible. I immediately changed from the usual 3 or 4 daily glucose measurements to 7 - 10. And much to my chagrin, my post meal glucose levels were much higher than I ever imagined. I’d occasionally monitored that before, but now that I was doing it every day (trying to fine tune the pump) I was confronted with it anew.

After 3 months on the pump I dutifully (unusual for me, since most of my Diabetic life has consisted of only 1 annual check-up with a GP) went back to see the Endo who’d got me on the pump. My blood was drawn a week earlier and I was dieing with anticipation to see the results. I figured with all the adjustments and learning curve involved with the pump, I’d be happy if I got a 7.0 A1C (the same as my final one under MDI), but I was ready for a slightly worse score too. When the Endo told me the results were 6.2, I could hardly contain my excitement. A 0.8 improvement and it took me a month to get the hang of the pump? Could I improve even more?

On top of the great A1C, all my other blood results were within the normal range. The only one the Endo mentioned was that my LDL level was 105 (which is normal, but they recommend Diabetics stay under 100).

On June 1, I started on the Minilink CGM. I’m thinking I can achieve an A1C under 6.0 with no significant hypos. My next A1C should be in about 2 months. Stay tuned.


Wow that is great. And very encouraging for me. I just started on the pump (today). I have been running around 7.2 with about 5 shots a day.

So, I am looking forward to attempting similar results as you have shown.



Encouragement is what I was hoping to achieve. I see from your profile that we have a very similar experience (I was diagnosed 364 days after you) and we’re both going on the pump this year. Our A1C’s were even close. I hope you find the transition to pump as great as I have. Why on earth did I wait so long?


Wowsa Ken that is a good number. I am working on getting the CGMS, doing the appeal thing. I think it would help me tremondously as I have been avoiding exercise because of alot of lows. Type 1 for 41 years and pumping for 4.5, could not imagine going back to shots.

Ken, you are a great role model! I’m a little afraid to go back in for another A1c, post-pump. I know it should be better, but it HAS to be better for me to prove to the clinic that I did the right thing, and what if it isn’t? Well–you have motivated me to start working on the fine tuning TODAY! My goal is to have as good a report as you got!!