Walk ON!

I started my running program today. One of my big brothers shared an article that details a great running program for begginers. I used to run 3 miles every other day but that was like 3 years ago so I know I need to start out like a begginner again. Anyways the first 8 days you only walk and then you start alternating jogging and walking. The length of each and repeats changes every week. It seems like a good plan so I am going to try this one. I walked for 30 minutes around my neighborhood. My route took me past the elementary school and I couldnt help but get uplifted watching all the kindergardners playing on the play ground. It took me back to my own elementary school days. I was amazed that I could even remember that far back! Anyways needless to say I enjoyed my walk immensely. It was just me and my IPOD. I listened to a podcast called the boredagain christian. It was awesome. I think I am going to like this exercise stuff! It was definitely a great start! :o)

i would love your running plan. i ran in high school and i miss it and have no clue how to become a beginner again without getting burned out.