Holding on!

Do you ever feel throughout the day like you are trying to hold on to a good bloodsugar number?

Oh, have I! I have a good number and then when I go to test again, the 5 seconds seem to never end…just hoping i’m still in a good range =)

Every time I get a good one I feel that way. I get totally depressed when the next high number shows up.

I guess also what I was trying to say is that I actually feel like my body is holding on, that if I do a simple walk to my car that my bgs which might be at a nice 104 will suddenly be in the 70-80 range and for me that is not a comfort zone and I could not hold on to that 104 :frowning:

I’ll drink to that. As a matter of fact, right now i would drink to any good reason. I have been trying to get some good readings and couldn’t manage and trying to hold onto some that were half way decent. and couldn’t hold onto those either. My son told me to check my insulin,. He told me to draw from a fresh vial and see if the same thing happens. I did that and have gottern a much better reading. Do you think it could be your insulin Karen or are you just tired or feeling bad right now?

Sunday I was trying to hold on to any number under 200 for some reason. Gotta love the days your sugar does hold on.

yeah, but don’t worry it won’t last long !!! hehe

I still feel bad about high numbers. But I try to see it in relation to what is going well. If it is just a peak for two hours then I can justify that better. Of course big deviation within one day is bad but staying high for longer periods of the day is worse for me.

I am concinved that this feeling of guilt is very common in those diabetics who care about themselfes. In my Glucosurfer.org team we discussed it very early and we decided that we need a visual feedback about our daily success. The result was the diagram “Glucose - comparison of days”. There you can actually see in which section of the day something went wrong. So in my mind I try to forget about the random occasion of a high outlier. I focus on the systematic problems and ask myself where and how I can improve my glycaemic control. This diagram helped me a lot to be more fair with myself.

If you find these thoughts abstract you can visit my personal diary with the following link. There you can switch to the diagram “Glucose - comparison of days” to see what I mean:

To see your daily problems this obvious could be depressing if you unsuccessully try to handle them. But on the other hand it will force you to seek the help of your doctor / diabetologist earlier. This is one of the clearest results of our project: the reaction time is shorter. People ask for different medication or switch to the pump to address their problems. Those who did get the direct feedback that things work better now. In my opinion this also helps diabetics to recognize that they are in charge and that their situation can be improved.

Of course I am still whishing that bad numbers would magically disappear. But I am now a lot more realistic about it: bad numbers have their causes and maybe I have done something wrong or my life was to complex to do all things right at the same time. Next time I will try to do that better…

That’s right. If you don’t like your number, stick around for awhile. It’ll change!

I see. You’re holding on to keep from sinking. I’m holding on to keep from flying away!!


All the time…You have a WONDERFUL number at breakfast (like my 109 this morning) and you don’t want to eat or even move because you KNOW it won’t stay there! :o)

exactly, I thought I was the only one with this issue

I always feel like I’m trying to hold onto good numbers. It seems like anytime it’s under 110 it’s going to drop no matter what and I’'ll be low within an hour.


Yes, it’s funny that a good blood sugar number makes me want to not eat-- just to keep the good number!

When I’m high already, I figure what the heck and eat more :frowning: Probably not the best strategy!


I have the already screwed syndrome as well. :wink:


Exactly, I am afraid to move. I have a friend that will lower his basal rate to try to avoid the uncoming low, but all that does is make me go sky high.

I gave up on trying to hold on a very long time ago … my hands are covered in lube and the good just slips right through. What happens, happens but I do the best I can with the numbers and after 40 years of injections I can still kick ■■■ in most things.