Take my HAND I am a stranger in Paradice

When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the 90s I had little or no knowledge how it would change my understand of how I had been feeling for years tired lack of energy drinking loads during the night episodes of dizziness falling over and fuzziness in the head when being spoken to or listening to others after the doctor told be I was diabetic or is it diabetec and I had to take medicine well tablets and change my diet and lifestyle it never really sunk in you sit there in the surgery listening but only half listening and to be honest taking nothing on board, good suggestion if you can take a loved one a friend along with you even today the doctors talk away but I seldom understand what they are saying, taking my Angel along with me ensures I get the message repeated time and time again until it finally sinks into my already crowded brain.
For weeks when I was diagnosed I kept my diagnoses to myself not even telling my Angel but when I had a severe hypo one night it all came out and in deed lifted a burden of my shoulder which I had placed there myself, when I told my manager at work I do not think she had any idea what diabetes was and she arranged a meeting with human resources to see if my working practices needed to be changed my friends at work treated me with kit cloves and skirted around my condition which made it worse, I read a lot about the condition but to be honest a lot of it went over my head as most things seem to do these days, I was offered early retirement which I did not take at the time but 4 years later took it a heart attack followed I guess the stress of it all played a part and when the surgeon told me I was very lucky to survive it really cheered me up but I am still here 7 years later OK not by any means a fit and active person but every morning I get up is another day to enjoy this life we are given even if the demons of depression follow me around.

One thing we humans have is the gift of hope and friendship if not family or close friends but by platforms like this.

Love the picture!

Great photo of you and your friends!

Well, we are glad that you survived that heart attack also Ray and that you are doing better. Just slap those demons down occasionally and keep them in their place(under your foot).

I enjoy reading your blogs and thank you for sharing your photos. I really like the ones of you and your Angel and her sister with the bears. Too cute and looking Good. :)

That's a good tip for People to take someone with them for their Dr. appointments. Thanks!