The holidays are coming,how do you keep on track. I have eaten a few extra snacks,feel like I could use some help, before things get worse. My numbers are still mostly good. But my weight is up 2 pounds. Nancy50

I stuff myself with cheese, vegetables, and high-fat foods to curb my appetite for the lethal pies, ice cream, potatoes, and other foods that will drive my blood sugar wild. I am MDI, so increase the frequency of insulin shots from 5-6 shots a day to 11-12 on family feast days. My endo visit is always 4-5 days after Thanksgiving, and that is one heck of a motivator to stay in control as much as possible. I will pack on the lbs. and the only quick way to recover from that is a couple of 2 day fasts. I normally only eat one meal a day, at noon.


My strategy is one-for-one. If I find myself wanting a snack, I calculate what that snack is in carbs, take the insulin, and eat the snack. If I figure that is too much bother, then I try to avoid the snack. One-on-one also works for exercise. If I eat more during the day, then I make sure that I exercise an appropriate amount longer for my body to work off those calories (and carbs, if necessary). I am addicted to walking, so if I miss my daily walks, my body lets me know it. NOW is the time to start daily exercise. That will help ease you through the holiday season.

Remember, also, that the holidays are NOT about eating. They are about gathering with those you love, good conversations, and happy times. If that idyllic scene does not fit your family dynamics, then perhaps it is time to feel great by doing something nice for one or more other people. Ring the bells at the Salvation Army kettle for a hour or two. Volunteer at a holiday fair or donate to that fair. (I had a great experience when I volunteered to help people find appropriate books at our annual Give-A-Kid-A-Book fair.) Go through your house and closet and purge all of those household items, furniture, toys, athletic equipment, and clothing that you no longer need by donating them for someone else. Help a neighbor with something that he or she needs done. You get the drift… don’t get caught up with food and eating. Immerse yourself in the spirit of love and joy and giving, and you will feel great!

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Interesting, thanks. Nancy 50

It’s all about calories in vs calories out, whether you are diabetic or not. I have to track what I eat or I overdo it! There are lots of apps you can use to help with this.