Handling holidays

How is everyone doing with the holidays? I have had couple of cookies but also exercising well. We have a brunch Christmas morning, lots of protein. Today BS running low teens ,pretty happy. Nancy50

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I am tackling the holidays one carbohydrate at a time. Sorta like eating an elephant has to be done one bite at a time.

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A couple bites of mashed potatoes, a sneak off of my wife’s pumpkin pie, and a 15-minute walk :slight_smile:

Not many steps today. 3,200 so far. It is pouring out. I have been baking cookies for an event . So they are boxed and leaving the house. Things are good, ate 1 little cookie. Nancy50

Holidays are crazy hard. I tend to eat way more than I realize.
So I’ve tried to plan to eat some pre dinner crap and bolus.
Then I have one plate of food that I bolus for.
Then bolus desert. Then I really really try to stop eating.
On thanks giving I want to stay in range.
Well under 200.
Ok under 250 but I swear that’s it.


Timothy, being the cook,I plan some lower carb sides. Salad and green beans. I skip potatoes and eat 1/3 cup stuffing. Then turkey. Depending on the year I might have cheese cake ,sugar free or chocolate sugar free cream pie. Of course I might add a treat as it is a holiday. Make a plan, to count carbs and go for a walk.practice mindful eating on this holiday. Good luck. Nancy50

I made my famous yambake for Thanksgiving, I used Swerve brown sugar instead of the real thing. Couldn’t tell the difference. I have found some interesting and doable “keto” recipes, one success was very low carb tortilla chips for my salsa and guac.

Some sites I’ve liked:

Eat This, Not That
All Day I Dream About Food
The Big Man’s World

google keto recipes also works

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I love eat this,not that! Read it all the time.I can’t eat stevia, bothers my stomach. Fun trying new recipes. Nancy50

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I love Swerve granular and confectioners, but the brown sugar didn’t work for me. I have lots left, from a few years ago, if it is not solid, maybe I’ll try it again!

I like the site All Day I Dream About Food. Another favorite of mine is Sugar Free Mom.

I’ll have to check out the other websites.

So sorry that the Swerve bothers your stomach @Nancy50! That’s not worth it if it gives you other problems!

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