Holy low sugars! 13 weeks and counting

I’m now 13 weeks pregnant and I’m wondering if anyone else experienced/experiencing crazy lows from 6 weeks - 13 weeks+? When does it taper off?

My Endo keeps lowering my basals and carb ratios every week. Seems this baby is just burning up everything I eat! It really makes exercising and just doing regular household chores, next to impossible. I’m ready to buy one of those camel packs to wear 24-7 and fill it with orange juice so I can suck on it constantly!

The worst time is from 11pm all the way until morning. I’m literally on very little insulin at night and I’m still sucking back 3 cups of juice throughout the night.

I keep asking if this is normal, but my Endo says that most T1 preggers she has seen usually run high.

Also, I wanted to share my blog I started 8 weeks ago. I know there are several amazing blogs already and I’ve probably read them all for the past two years before we conceived. I wanted to share my story too. Feel free to check it out and share your experiences too.


My insulin needs decreased until around week 18, then they started turning around. My endo was a bit surprised by how long the lows lasted, but they did disappear!

Hope that you are feeling well!

I haven’t had as much trouble with lows as it sounds like you’re having (I’m now 11 weeks), but I definitely have had nighttime issues. I was, like you, waking up 2-3 times a night with a low blood sugar (so many juice boxes!!) I think I lowered my nighttime basal about 4 times. My nighttime basal is now the lowest I ever remember it being, but things are finally under control, for the moment. :slight_smile: Best of luck. I know it can be exhausting to be low so often.

I had 7 insulin shock comas in my first trimester. Unexpected after doing everything right, those comas creeped up on me. Luckily, I trained my husband to recognize the symptoms and he woke me up out of every single one of them without needing paramedics. I’m now almost 27 weeks and the baby is just PERFECT so far.

I set an alarm in the middle of the night to check my BG. I keep my meter right on my nightstand along with a whole bottle of glucose tablets and hard candies. I would check my BG in the middle of the night and would almost ALWAYS need to suck on a tablet or two before I drifted back to sleep.

My pregnancy bladder has been a perfect nighttime alarm clock. During first trimester when I was having more lows during the night, I had to get up twice during the night to pee. I check my BG every time I wake up. Now I am down to once a night and that is just right.

I am just always sure to have a glass of water before bed :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. I feel reassured now.

My bladder wakes me every night at the same time, which is great for checking my sugars too.

I truly can’t wait for the CGM low-sugar alarm to stop going off…and I’m sure my husband feels the same way, especially at nightime.

I thought that my insulin resistance would never kick it :slight_smile: But it did! From weeks 19-30 I have doubled my basals (gradually, of course!). Now I see at most one low a week, but am able to keep my numbers under 140 most days, 160 some days.

There are many phases to pregnancy :slight_smile:

I’m 17 weeks pregnant and I’m still getting lows including todays crazy ones of dropping at midnight and then again at 7am. The thing is I never really had any during the day. They were always in the middle of the night. Though this isn’t always happening. Its not as bad now but I’m still having them occasionally.

My husband travels for business a lot and I am often home alone with my 5 year old, I am now 5 weeks pregnant and am worried about these lows in the middle of the night. What week did these start for you all? Did your low wake you up?? Thinking I should prob wake up at 2am and test my bg especially while he is out of town on business. I am in the process of getting approved for a dexcom CGM, hoping I get approved before the nasty lows start!

I’ve been waking up to check every night during pregnancy around 3am. I used to set an alarm, but once my bladder proved to be so reliable I stopped setting an alarm.

My insulin sensitivity started around week 9, but the change was pretty gradual and decreasing my basals week by week kept the number of severe lows down.

Oh ok! So the change isn’t just all of a sudden? Thanks Kristin! I was expecting to all of a sudden one day just have horrible lows lol phew! Your advice relieved my fears!

Everyone’s experience can be different, but for me the lows came on more gradually from week 9-18 I was decreasing my basals bit by bit. After week 19, I increased them gradually as the insulin resistance began to set in. Then WHAM around week 29-30 I experienced a sudden increase in my insulin resistance and had to increase my basals dramatically. I hear that I might be increasing them this quickly until week 36. We’ll see!

I’m almost 13 weeks now and have also been decreasing my basals bit by bit for the past few weeks. My OB was joking today that soon I will be able to just turn my pump off! :slight_smile:

lol! Thanks for the replies guys! It helps so much to know what to expect!