Low Blood Sugars

Ok, I know this has been on the board in the past but I could not find it quickly while scrolling through so I will just start a new discussion. When did everyone start having first trimester lows?

It is not entirely consistent but I have definitely been trending low the past several days. I will be 12 weeks on tuesday.

Hi mhynes, I am about 5-6 weeks now. I started experiencing my lows pretty soon - week 2 or 3, especially during the night. I can get down to 50-60 a couple of times a night no matter what I eat to treat it, so I am lowering my basal insulin (since I am not on a pump). How low do you get and what time of day?

Overnights most noteably. But also after breakfast and dinner. I think i need to reset my i:c ratios on my pump.

That should help. Talk to your endo, she/he can give you some advice on regulating your BGs. Good luck! :)

I started experiencing lows about week 10, and they lasted pretty consistently through week 16 or 17. Now that I'm in the middle of insulin resistance, it is hard to remember those days :-)